Imaginative Adventures: How Do Children Use Their Creativity to Design the World?


Children are playful and creative by nature. They can use their imaginations to design entirely new worlds and the adventures within them. As for the world around them, imagination helps kids to solve problems and make sense of it all too.

From social skills to more complicated elements of emotional development, imaginative play is essential for children. When they engage creative play together, children can explore new possibilities, play different roles, and interact with others in unexpected ways.

As a vital part of childhood and growing up, imaginative play is something that all children should have the opportunity to experience. Whether you’re a teacher, a nursery worker or a new parent, it’s always worth learning about the importance of imaginative play.

Why is creativity so important in early development?

Having an imagination means that the mind can be creative and resourceful. In children, their creativity is a unique response to stimuli from their senses and natural environment. From sights and sounds to textures and terrains, experiences inspire creativity and imagination.

Imaginative play is an essential part of the early years foundation stage statutory framework, the standards followed nationally by schools and childcare providers. As a child’s imagination develops, they gain vital life skills. These include being able to:

  • Tell or enact a story
  • Relate to other children and adults
  • Keep themselves emotionally grounded
  • Enter their own imaginary worlds

How does creativity help children as they grow older?

Creativity and natural imaginative skills should be encouraged throughout childhood and into the teenage years. As children turn into adults, a lack of imagination could seriously hinder opportunities for studying, working, or progressing within a career.

Vehicle design and manufacture is one of the sectors relying on imaginative creative process.

Could children become the designers of the future?

Studies have proven that imaginative minds make excellent designers.

Used car dealer Big Motoring World spoke to Dennis Relojo-Howell, the managing director of the psychology website Psychreg, about the strengths that make a great designer. On the topic of children and their vibrant imaginations, he said:

“Many studies have demonstrated that, because children’s brains are still developing, and they have not yet been exposed to societal expectations, their creativity is less constrained.

“They have not been taught what is ‘possible’ or ‘impossible’ and are therefore more likely to imagine beyond conventional boundaries. Children also have a sense of wonder and curiosity that allows them to explore and create without fear of failure.”

Pushing conventional boundaries is an essential concept in contemporary car design. With eco-friendly technologies, electric motors and increasingly aerodynamic body designs, cars look more futuristic than ever.

How can creative design influence future technologies?

In a recent experiment, Big Motoring World brought drawings to life with futuristic AI technology. Six children aged between five and 13 drew their dream cars, and the computer-aided technology did the rest of the work.

Discussing the images unveiled in the study, Peter Waddell (Chief Executive Officer) at Big Motoring World added:

“The automotive sector is always innovating, with new technology like electric motors and even AI having an impact on not only what we drive, but how we interact with our customers too.

“It looks like our future is in good hands though, considering the creativity and thought put into the designs by these fantastic schoolchildren! Obviously this project was intended as a bit of fun, but it was great to have a reminder of how creative children can be.”

Is there still a place for creativity in the professional sphere?

Of course, we’re not suggesting that children should be responsible for the biggest ideas in automotive technology and design. But what can we learn from the results of the study by Big Motoring World?

One thing’s for certain: The more we use our imagination, the more limitless our ideas might become. And when futuristic, innovative designs need to materialise into real products, there’s no better reason to encourage original imaginative play and creativity.