Home Modifications for the Elderly

Home Modifications for the Elderly

Everyone says that home is where the heart is. According to experts, most accidents happen inside the home; this is especially true among the elderly family members. Particularly if elderly care during the day is absent, falls are some of the most common forms of accidents that senior citizens may encounter inside their homes.

One out of every three seniors aged 65 years old and above experience at least one fall per year. The problem with falls is that they can result in a variety of injuries, ranging from lacerations, fractures to brain injuries. It’s because of this why home modification for the elderly is a definite must.

Taking senior citizens to nursing homes is always an option. It is a completely understandable and sensible decision, especially if the seniors need day-to-day or special care that the members of the family cannot give.

However, not all elderly agree to move to a nursing home. That is particularly true for those who wish to age in their lifelong homes, surrounded by familiar people. One more common reason why many senior citizens choose to stay in their respective homes is to avoid the steep costs that come with living in nursing homes.

If staying at home is the preferred arrangement, then it is of utmost importance to carry out a few adjustments to the home to make it a safer place for anybody prone to accidents, including most especially an elderly person. Some of the necessary modifications are simple, such as installing standard safety products. However, certain modifications require changing the home’s structure, which is something that can take up both time and money.

Bathroom Modifications

Many of the accidents that could take place inside the home tend to happen in the bathroom. That’s because of the combination of smooth surfaces, water, and soap. It’s a good idea to replace a traditional bathtub with a walk-in tub or shower. Installing handrails on a wall right next to the toilet is a common recommendation.

Kitchen Modifications

The elderly need to have well-balanced meals. However, going for healthy food is pointless if the area for meal preparation is prone to accidents; this is why the kitchen has to go through some changes for the safety of senior family members. For instance, lowering the counters and sinks allows those who are in wheelchairs to access them without trouble.

Flooring Modifications

Old and shaggy carpets can work against an elderly using a walker or wheelchair. It’s best to replace the carpeting with one that has a short nap To make the home a safer place for a senior citizen. Tile, laminate, and hardwood floors tend to be slippery. Experts highly recommend placing and taping down rugs in strategic places.

Stair and Doorway Modifications

Because seniors with balance problems may have a difficult time using exterior stairs, the installation of a ramp may be necessary. An indoor ramp may also be beneficial for transitioning from one surface to the other. On the other hand, the widening of doorways is essential if there are older adults using walkers and wheelchairs.

There are some adjustments at home for the safety of the elderly that requires hiring a licensed contractor. It’s important to go for one with experience in home modification to ensure the safety and wellbeing of family members aging in place.

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