The Rising Stardom and Net Worth of Henry Harris Hebel



Henry Harris Hebel, the eldest son of TV actress Rachel Harris and her second husband Christian Hebel, has been making waves in the celebrity world. As a celebrity kid, Henry enjoys a privileged life and has gained attention due to his famous parents. Let’s delve into the life of Henry Harris Hebel and explore his family background, his parents’ careers, and his own rising stardom.

Family Background

Henry Harris Hebel was born on July 19th, 2016, to Rachel Harris and Christian Hebel. Rachel Harris, an accomplished American actress, has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. She is best known for her role as Dr. Linda Martin in the popular television show “Lucifer.” On the other hand, Christian Hebel is a talented songwriter and violinist who has worked on various film projects, including the critically acclaimed “Life of Pi.”

Parents’ Relationship and Marriage

Rachel Harris and Christian Hebel’s love story began when they met through their mutual friend Neil Patrick Harris, a well-known TV actor, and his partner David Burtka. After getting engaged in September 2014, Rachel and Christian eloped and tied the knot in May 2015. Their intimate wedding ceremony was attended by close friends, including Kelly Ripa, Neil Patrick Harris, and David Burtka. Kelly Ripa, a renowned television host, is known for co-hosting the show “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

Sibling and Custody

Henry Harris Hebel has a younger brother named Otto Hebel, who was born in 2018. Unfortunately, after four years of marriage, Rachel Harris and Christian Hebel decided to part ways in August 2019. Despite their separation, they continue to share joint custody of their two sons, ensuring a loving and supportive environment for Henry and Otto.

Henry Harris Hebel’s Rising Stardom

At the young age of 6, Henry Harris Hebel has already garnered attention as a star kid. While he may not have started his own professional career yet, Henry’s lineage and exposure to the entertainment industry from a young age provide him with ample opportunities to explore his own talents and interests in the future. With his parents’ guidance and the resources at his disposal, Henry’s potential for success in the industry seems promising.

Net Worth and Future Prospects

As of now, Henry Harris Hebel’s net worth is not independently available. However, given his parents’ successful careers and accumulated wealth, Henry is likely to inherit a substantial fortune. Rachel Harris and Christian Hebel’s combined net worth and assets contribute to a comfortable lifestyle for Henry and his brother. In the future, as Henry grows older, he may choose to pursue his own path in the entertainment industry or explore other avenues.


Henry Harris Hebel, the son of Rachel Harris and Christian Hebel, is a young star kid with a promising future ahead. While still in his early years, Henry’s family background and exposure to the entertainment industry provide him with unique opportunities for success. As he continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how Henry carves his own path in the industry and establishes his own net worth. With a supportive family and the right guidance, Henry’s journey as a rising star is one to watch closely.