Harper Willow Grohl Is Dave Grohl’s Daughter


Ask Harper Willow Grohl what it feels like to enjoy stardom and publicity right from childhood and she will tell you this perfectly because she is the daughter of American superstar musician, Dave Grohl, who is also a founder of the American Rock music band ‘Foo Fighters’.

Not just about her father but here we will tell you everything about Harper Willow Grohl including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, and other details. So, go ahead and learn more about her.

Personal life

Born in 2009 to an American couple, Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum, Harper Willow Grohl is a 14-year-old young celebrity girl. Her exact date of birth and birth place are not known but we believe that she must have been born in Los Angeles because her parents have been living there for a very long period of time.

If you are curious to know more details about the romantic life of Harper Willow Grohl, let us burst your bubble and tell you that there is hardly any information available about that. Harper Willow Grohl is pretty young at the moment, so she might be preferring to keep her personal life details to herself only.

Parents and siblings

Harper Willow Grohl is the second-born child of her parents, Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum, who got married in 2003 and have been together since then. Apart from Harper Willow Grohl, they have two more daughters, one is older and one is younger than Harper Willow Grohl. The name of her elder sister is Violet Grohl, who has followed the footprints of her father and become a musician.

Coming to the profession of her parents, they both are professionally successful. Her father is a famous musician and her mother is a director.


Considering the age of Harper Willow Grohl, we can say that she must not have any kids at this age.

Education and profession

Neither Harper Willow Grohl nor her parents ever revealed anything about her education. However, we can say that she must be getting her education from a top institute, as she is the daughter of rich parents. Considering her age, we don’t think she would have started her professional journey.

Reason for the popularity of Harper Willow Grohl

The parents of Harper Willow Grohl, especially her father, Dave Grohl, an American musician, are the main reason for her popularity. She is often spotted with her father and this helps her to grab public attention.

Net worth of Harper Willow Grohl

With the fact that Harper Willow Grohl is just a young girl of 14 years old and does not have any profession either, she obviously does not have any net worth of her own. Nevertheless, she enjoys abundant luxury in her life because her father, Dave Grohl, has a whopping net worth of 320 million dollars.


The elder sister of Harper Willow Grohl has already followed the footprints of her father. We will not be surprised if we see Harper Willow Grohl as an emerging musician in the upcoming future.