Sarah Drew Welcomes Daughter Hannah Mali Rose: A Joyous Addition to the Lanfer Family



In an exclusive announcement to PEOPLE, it has been revealed that renowned Grey’s Anatomy star, Sarah Drew, and her husband, Peter Lanfer, have welcomed their second child into the world. On Wednesday, December 3, at 6:07 a.m., the couple’s baby girl, named Hannah Mali Rose Lanfer, made her grand entrance. Hannah arrived a few weeks ahead of schedule, surprising her excited parents. This delightful news has brought immense joy to the Lanfer family, and they eagerly share their happiness with the world.

The Early Arrival

Baby Hannah Mali Rose, weighing 6 lbs., 14 oz., and measuring 21 inches, entered the world ahead of expectations. Despite the early arrival, Sarah Drew and Peter Lanfer are overjoyed to have their beloved daughter in their arms. The couple expressed their deep delight in welcoming Hannah to their family.

A Cherished Sibling Bond

Two-and-a-half-year-old Micah Emmanuel, the couple’s firstborn son, is elated to embrace his new role as a big brother. Surprisingly, Micah seemed to have an intuition about his sibling’s gender even before it was revealed. The proud parents share their son’s excitement as he enthusiastically embraces the arrival of his baby sister, Hannah.

Sarah Drew’s Journey

Sarah Drew, who announced her pregnancy in July, recently shared her birthing experiences with Fit Pregnancy. Reflecting on her first labor, which came with unexpected challenges, she expressed her desire for flexibility in her birthing plans this time around. Sarah had initially aimed for a natural birth but encountered pregnancy toxemia, causing severe upper abdominal pain. Consequently, she required medical intervention, including induction.

Despite her initial disappointment, Sarah ultimately embraced the medical assistance provided during her labor. She expressed gratitude for the epidural and the timely administration of Pitocin, which facilitated a smooth delivery. Recalling the experience, she admitted that her perspective had shifted, realizing the benefits of medical intervention and pain relief during childbirth.


Sarah Drew and Peter Lanfer’s joy knows no bounds as they welcome their beautiful daughter, Hannah Mali Rose, into the world. Despite the unexpected early arrival, Hannah’s presence has brought immense happiness to the Lanfer family. As they embrace this new chapter, Sarah’s journey reminds us that birth plans can change, and the most important thing is the safe arrival of a healthy baby. Micah Emmanuel is eagerly embracing his role as a protective and loving big brother, ensuring a cherished sibling bond from the very beginning. The Lanfer family eagerly anticipates the incredible adventures that lie ahead as they embark on this journey of love and togetherness.