Furnace repair in Lake Zurich: 8 furnace repair tips you should know!


Your furnace is an essential part of your home, and when it breaks down, it can be a main trouble. Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to troubleshoot the problem and even fix it yourself. In this article, we’ll share eight furnace repair tips every homeowner should know.

1.Check your furnace filter

2.Clean or replace your furnace blower

3.Test your thermostat

4.Inspect your ductwork

5.Check for leaks in your furnace

6.Replace your furnace burners

7.Fix or replace your pilot light

8.Call a professional heating contractor

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these tips.

1.Check Your Furnace Filter

One of the most common problems with furnaces is a dirty filter. When the filter gets clogged, it can restrict air flow and cause your furnace to overheat. To check if your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, simply remove it and hold it up to a light. If you can’t see through it, it’s time for a new one. When you call a pro or schedule furnace repair in Lake Zurich, IL, ask about getting your furnace filter replaced as well.

2.Clean or Replace Your Furnace Blower

The blower is responsible for circulating air through your furnace and into your home. If the blower is dirty, it won’t be able to do its job properly and your furnace will have to work harder to heat your home. To clean the blower, simply remove it and vacuum it out with a brush attachment. If it’s severely damaged, you’ll need to replace it.

3.Test Your Thermostat

If your furnace isn’t heating your home evenly, it could be a problem with your thermostat. To test it, set the temperature on your thermostat lower than the current room temperature and see if the furnace turns on. If it doesn’t, there may be a problem with the thermostat itself and you’ll need to call a professional for furnace repair.

4.Inspect Your Ductwork

Another common cause of uneven heating is leaky ductwork. To check for leaks, hold a piece of paper up to each joint in your ductwork. If the paper flutters, there’s a leak that needs to be sealed. You can do this yourself with duct tape or you can call a professional heating contractor to do it for you.

5.Check for Leaks in Your Furnace

If your furnace is leaking gas, it’s a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately by a certified professional. If you smell gas, turn off the furnace and open all the windows and doors to ventilate the area. Then, call your gas company and they will shut off the gas to your home and send someone out to repair the leak.

6.Replace Your Furnace Burners

If your furnace is burning inefficiently, it could be because the burners are dirty or damaged. To clean them, simply remove them and clean them with a wire brush. If they’re severely damaged, you’ll need to replace them.

7.Fix or Replace Your Pilot Light

If your furnace won’t turn on, it could be because the pilot light is out. To fix this, simply relight the pilot light according to the instructions in your owner’s manual. If the pilot light keeps going out, there may be a problem with the thermocouple and you’ll need to schedule furnace maintenance in Lake Zurich, IL.

8.Call a Professional Heating Contractor

If you’ve tried all of these tips and your furnace still isn’t working properly, it’s time to call a professional heating contractor. They will be able to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs to get your furnace up and running again.

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