Flavor Flav Wife: All You Need to Know About Liz Trujillo


Liz Trujillo is the wife of William Jonathan Drayton Jr., better known as the American rapper and hype man Flavor Flav. While she prefers to live a private life, Liz’s marriage to the rapper has made her a public figure, appearing on reality TV shows such as Couples Therapy and Flavor of Love.

Liz Trujillo’s Background

While Liz was born Elizabeth Trujillo in 1975 and is of Middle Eastern descent, much of her personal background remains shrouded in mystery. Her date and place of birth, family background, childhood, parents, siblings, and education are yet to be unraveled. She also does not have a social media presence.

Liz Trujillo’s Age

As her date of birth is unknown, Liz’s age is estimated to be 48 years old based on reports that she was born in 1975. Meanwhile, her husband, Flavor Flav, was born in 1959, making him about 16 years older than her.

Liz Trujillo’s Career

Liz is a reality TV star, having appeared on VH1’s reality shows such as Flavor of Love and Couples Therapy. While it was once rumored that she was a certified lawyer focused on sustainable developments and contracts in the international energy sector, this information actually pertains to a different Liz Trujillo, a professor of law at the University of Houston Law Center Faculty.

Liz Trujillo’s Net Worth

Liz’s exact net worth is unknown, but she has undoubtedly earned some income from her appearances on reality TV shows. However, it is believed that her husband’s net worth of $2 million more than suffices for their financial well-being.

Liz Trujillo’s Marital Status

Liz and Flavor Flav met off-set while the latter was filming the second season of Flavor of Love, but it is unclear when they started dating. The exact date on which they tied the knot is not public knowledge, but it is believed that they have been together for over 12 years as of 2016 when Flavor Flav made an appearance on Steve Harvey’s talk show.

Liz Trujillo’s Family

Liz and Flavor Flav have a son together named Karma Drayton, born in 2007. He is his mother’s second child and his father’s seventh. Liz also has a son named Gibran Trujillo from a previous relationship.

Assault on Liz Trujillo

Flavor Flav was arrested and charged with assault and battery of Liz Trujillo in 2012. She alleged that the rapper beat her up so badly that she could not walk and also attempted to kill her then 16-year-old son, Gibran Trujillo, with a butcher knife after she accused him of being unfaithful to her. Flavor Flav pleaded guilty to attempted assault as part of the plea bargain and was put on probation for one year and taken through domestic violence training.


While Liz Trujillo prefers to maintain her privacy, her marriage to Flavor Flav has made her a public figure. Her appearances on reality TV shows have brought her some recognition, and her personal life has also been in the spotlight due to her tumultuous relationship with the rapper.