Five Quick Tips for Your Long-Distance Moving Checklist


Long-distance moves aren’t typically a process that is planned on a whim, but there may be a tight deadline associated with it. Life can throw you curve balls, and the unexpected can happen – you may be transferred for your job, to further your career path, for family members, or simply for personal reasons. Regardless of why you choose to relocate, you will want to enter the undertaking with some serious support and a good plan. You can feel extremely overwhelmed, overworked, and likely exhausted without proper preparation before moving day.

Long-distance movers in Denver, CO, provide assistance, knowledge, and hands-on experience for every relocation need. Reputable moving companies will walk with you from the booking process to your delivery date, and their team of professionals is available to answer any questions, resolve any issues and adhere to special requests and requirements along the way. Before you throw yourself into a frenzy and endless spiral of worry, take a moment, do some breathing exercises, and look at the bigger picture. This moving checklist guarantees a successful move and a bright future at your new home!

Make a Full To-Do List for Packing & Preparation

You must start with the basics when packing your belongings and trekking across the country. Look around and consult with your partner and household members to prioritize what needs to be done in the months and weeks leading up to your move. Creating your checklist allows for a physical and tangible to-do list you can see, check off, and keep tabs on throughout your preparation process.

It doesn’t seem like you need a moving checklist to create your own but allow this to serve as a reminder – it is always the first thing you should do before consulting with cross-country moving companies. Professional movers will provide a free in-home or over-the-phone estimate, including a complete list of inventory, offer packing packages, storage solutions, and so much more. You will be assigned a personal moving representative who supports your household throughout the entire moving experience and will assist you when you are in need – making your checklist a whole lot smaller than it would be!

Declutter, Donate & Consign

Before you begin packing, this is the best time to look at things you want to haul along for the journey and other items you may consider leaving behind. It is easy to start throwing things into boxes without giving them a second thought, but if you are not organized with the process, you will end up with a significant mess when you arrive at your destination. It is best to take things one step at a time, or one room at a time, going through everything decluttering and getting rid of stuff you no longer want, need, or have use for. Pair things and look at what you want to trash, throw out, donate, or consign. You can separate everything into categories and then complete the necessary steps to declutter.

Set Aside Your Essentials

Nothing is more annoying than arriving at your vacation destination, your family’s place out of town, or your recently purchased home after an interstate move – only to find that you forgot to bring your running shoes, your daily medication, or your children’s favorite blanket. There is no going back to that point; you just have to deal with the drama as it comes or head out to the store to attempt to replace whatever you may have forgotten, but in some cases, you cannot easily substitute the item. Set aside a suitcase, bag, or box for each household member to ensure you have all the essential items you will need for the first week. This will save you time, money, and the hassle of arriving at your new home only to realize you have left something behind or packed it up without retrieving it.

Cancel, Transfer, or Set Up New Utilities

As you get closer to your move date, you must get all your ducks in a row to have lights, HVAC services, internet access, cable, a doctor’s office, etc. Take a look at all of your current utilities and essential services, do some research, and make some calls to see if you can transfer anything to your new home, and if not, you will want to set a date for cancellation. Reaching out to energy companies at your delivery destination to set up utilities so that you won’t be without electricity when you arrive.

Focus on Hiring a Mover That Suits Your Needs

Securing a local, licensed moving company is critical to cross-country moving. They can support you with all your relocation needs. Every client’s situation is different, and if you have specialty needs or details required for your move, you will want to research and fully consult with each business you are considering before you sign with anyone. Dependable movers will offer flexibility for everyone in the household and comfort when all your lively belongings are transported across the county.

Making major life transitions can be challenging; there will always be changes throughout our lives, but that doesn’t mean it comes without growing pains. As you are undergoing the ups and downs of your move – you can lean on your moving company to deal with all the logistics and details of your cross-country move. Denver City Movers is a family owned and operated business in Denver, CO, available to move your family locally, long-distance, or across the interstate. Denver City Movers is dedicated to creating a modern moving solution with packing and storage options for Denver residents and nationwide. Follow this moving checklist and rely on your local movers to ensure a successful move and a beautiful new life at your delivery location!