Who Was Filmore Crank?


Filmore Crank was the husband of Beverly Garland, an American actress. He was a businessman, and he had set up a hotel which he named after his wife; the hotel, which he named The Beverly Garland Hotel and today called The Garland Hotel, is still owned by his family, particularly his children.

Filmore Crank was into the hotel business and some other businesses; he earned a living from it and could support his family with their financial needs. Even though his wife was an actress, she had not established herself and mostly did short roles.

Filmore was a father to four children, who are now adults and have ventured into different career paths. His son James Crank is into business, and Fillmore Crank Jr is the manager and owner of Beverly Garland Motor Lodge. The other two are Cathleen and Carrington.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Filmore Crank was married twice in his life; first to Barbara Helen Logan, with whom he had two children, Fillmore Jr and Cathleen. Barbara died in a car crash in 1957, leaving behind her husband, Filmore Crank, and two young children. Years later, Filmore met actress Beverly Garland and decided to wed in May 1960 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Filmore Crank’s second marriage lasted 38 years, from 1960 to 1999, when he died, leaving behind four children, two from each marriage.

His Wife

Filmore Crank’s wife was married first to Bob Campbell and then to actor Richard Garland, but they divorced after two years of marriage and did not have any children together. Then she met Filmore Crank, and this time, her marriage lasted for a long time. Beverly died in December 2008, aged 85, after a long illness.

Beverly Garland’s Acting Career

Beverly Garland was featured in many films and tv shows, but she had a minor role in most of them, appearing in one episode. However, she had significant roles in other films and television shows, including the sitcom My Three Sons, where she was featured as Barbara Harper Douglas.

Beverly’s film credits include The Lone Ranger, Swamp Women, The Millionaire, Wire Service, Naked Paradise, The Alligator People, Hong Kong, Perry Mason, The Twilight Zone, Danger Zone and many others.

Filmore Crank’s wife was also cast as Dotty West in the series Scarecrow and Mrs King. Beverly was part of the cast in the television drama Decoy; she also appeared in the medical drama Medic, and for her outstanding performance, she was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Single Performance.

Filmore Crank’s wife had a significant contribution to the television industry, having featured in so many television shows, and for that, Beverly has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Filmore Crank died on March 10 1999, aged 77, and he was survived by his wife of 38 years, Beverly Garland, four children and two grandchildren. He died of cancer and had been ill for a while before his death.

Upon the death of Filmore Crank, Beverly took over the properties he left, which she later passed on to his children.