Exploring Golf Carts: What Are They and What Are Their Uses?


Golf carts: the ultimate ride for retirees, sports enthusiasts, or anyone who doesn’t feel like walking around the golf course. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not here to make these golf carts look boring but to show you their versatility. Like a chameleon changing colors, golf carts have evolved from humble golfer companions to jack-of-all-trades in different recreational and industrial domains.

But before further discussing this topic, why not see Cajun Carts for golf cart rental Lafayette LA here? Now let’s look at what golf carts are and their diverse uses. Let’s dive in!

What are Golf Carts?

It is a small motorized vehicle initially designed to carry two golfers and their golf clubs around the golf course. It makes golfing a less effort activity as players don’t have to walk around the golf course with their clubs. While you don’t necessarily have to use a golf cart, focusing on your game becomes much easier, as you don’t have to haul a heavy golf bag around.

Different Types of Golf Carts

There are two main golf cart types available today: electric and gasoline.

Electric golf carts use batteries to power their electric motor. These batteries are charged by plugging the golf cart into a wall outlet similar to the ones in your house. But there are also electrical golf carts that are currently fitted with solar panels on the roof to charge the batteries.

Gasoline golf carts, on the other hand, work like little cars. These carts have a small engine that runs on gasoline which helps power the wheels. But unlike a car, a gasoline-powered golf cart engine starts when you step on its gas pedal. It also shuts off when you take your foot off. This unique feature helps reduce harmful emissions, save gas, and keep the golf course quiet. Having a quiet golf course is nice, as you won’t have to think of your next shot over the sound of an engine.

The Different Uses of Golf Carts

Now that you know what golf carts are, let’s look at their different uses aside from on golf courses.

1. Event Transport

It doesn’t matter what event you are catering to as a vendor; one common factor is that you will need to move goods, equipment, and people from point A to B. And what better way to do so than with a golf cart? Golf carts come in handy as you can use the spacious storage paces to load up goods.

The sitting space is also perfect for transporting guests to the event venue. You can also use them to transport older adults or differently-able people to the event space, which helps ensure they don’t have to walk long distances.

2. Airports

Airports are always busy, as staff and customers constantly move goods and themselves from one point to another. Using golf carts can make those trips less stressful and help things run smoothly.

Airports can use golf carts to:

  • Move luggage
  • Transport their ground crew across long distances
  • Assist the elderly and differently-abled people
  • Get airline staff to boarding gates

It would be advisable for airports to go for large shuttle-style golf carts, as they can transport 12 people in one sitting.

3. Outdoor Adventure

When people think of outdoor activities or adventures, most people likely wander to all-terrain vehicles. But using an ATV for some outdoor adventures might not be ideal. Some activities that would benefit from golf carts include campgrounds and visits to some parks.

Golf carts are covered, which makes it easy for people to use them to get around during the rainy season. These vehicles allow you to experience wildlife from afar at protected or sensitive nature sites. You can also use them to transport guests to hunting grounds or remote rivers in hunting and fishing lodges.

4. Facilitating Security

Another excellent use for a golf cart is facilitating security, especially for private residents. Security personnel can use golf carts for cruising around the neighborhood or property. This way, unlike being on foot, they can cover large areas in a shorter time. The storage space also makes it easier for them to store essential tools and safety equipment on hand.

While golf carts start with the word golf, that doesn’t mean their use has to be limited to only the golf course. Remember, these vehicles are compact, all-terrain, powerful, and surprisingly highly customizable. This means you can find one that can suit your business needs.