Escape Room Etiquette: 9 Tips for a Successful and Respectful Experience


It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of an escape room, especially if it’s your first experience and you don’t know what to expect. A good escape room will transport you to another time and place, immersing you in the game beyond board games and video games. However, to have the most fun and memorable experience, you should keep a few rules in mind. Follow this guideline and become a pro at escape room games today!

1. Respect the Rules and Guidelines

You should arrive 15 minutes early so you can use the bathroom, ask questions, and discuss your strategy together. Before the game starts, a game master will explain all the instructions; it is crucial to pay attention and ask any questions that come to mind to have a flawless experience. It is also recommendable to familiarize yourself with the safety protocols and specific rules unique to escape room games.

2. Communicate and Collaborate Effectively

In an escape room, players must work together to solve puzzles; it’s the only way to finish everything in an hour. For this reason, efficient communication and teamwork are vital during the game. It helps if you already have a relationship with teammates as you will already know their strengths and weaknesses, and roles can be assigned accordingly. If you don’t know your team members well, your best bet is to ask them directly what tasks they want to complete. You can permanently reassign roles during the game.

3. Be Mindful of Other Players

Escape rooms are only fun if they are fun for all the team members. Ensure nobody gets left out, and all teammates are included and have opportunities to participate in the experience. All players should listen to each other, support their teammates and incorporate everyone’s ideas; this is the only way to win.

4. Preserve the Game Environment

Always treat the props, puzzles, and room with care and respect. If you’re unsure if something is supposed to open, ask the game master. Escape rooms are made to be beaten by regular people, so puzzles and hidden objects won’t require a bodybuilder or excessive force. There may also be signs inside each room that says “don’t touch” because some items might be necessary, such as emergency lights, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits, but are not part of the game. You may be asked to leave if you interfere with an off-limits item.

5. Avoid Spoilers and Maintain the Element of Surprise

If you or a friend have already visited an escape room, make sure you don’t spoil the fun for everyone. Refrain from disclosing solutions to new players. Explain the importance of preserving the mystery and excitement of the escape room.

6. Manage Time Effectively

The key to successful escape room gameplay is good time management. Always keep track of time throughout the game and delegate tasks well. 

7. Stay Calm and Manage Frustration

Escape rooms can become frustrating depending on the difficulty level of a room and the experience level of team members. It always helps to remember that stress will not make you more effective; it will result in the opposite. In order to have a good and fun experience, you can always stop for a moment and calm down when you see that your team is stressed out.

8. Seek Assistance Appropriately

Discuss the option of asking for hints or clues from the game master; they will be happy to help. It is important not to disrupt the game flow, so ask the game master before starting the escape room game what he suggests if you require his help.

Celebrate and Reflect on the Experience

After the escape room game, it is good to celebrate with your team and reflect on the experience. Discuss the ups and downs of the game and the benefits of debriefing as a team.

Following the escape room guide

Escape rooms are a fun activity for family, friends, and colleagues, but you should keep a few things in mind to have the best experience. Always arrive early and respect the guidelines. Communication with team members is crucial for success, and they seek assistance from the game master when needed. Take care of the props, and remember to celebrate your accomplishments after the game. With American Escape Rooms, you can have the experience of a lifetime. Choose the room that best interests you, and prepare for a fun and stimulating game.