Elizabeth Bowes Gregory, 3 Things About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Bowes Gregory

Elizabeth Bowes Gregory is known as the eldest daughter of famous couple Martha Bowes MacCallum and Daniel John Gregory. She has been followed by the media since her birth due to her parent’s popularity and reputation. Elizabeth has tried hard to keep herself away from the paparazzi and leads a private life away from the prying eyes of the world.

Education and Career:

The 26-year-old completed her bachelors in political sciences from Villanova University in 2018. She chose Arabic and Islamic studies as her minor subjects for a better understanding of Islamic ideology. She completed multiple internships during her education to learn about political situations and their impact on the country. She has also volunteered at various charity campaigns during her university life.

After graduation, Elizabeth Bowes Gregory started working as press secretary in multiple states. She is currently appointed as Communications Director at Marco Rubio for Senate of US. She is also active on multiple social media platforms and is vocal about the political happenings in the country. Her direct and no-nonsense approach has earned her a great reputation in the media circles.


Martha Bowes MacCallum was born on 31st January 1964 in New Jersey, US. She completed her bachelor’s in political sciences from St. Lawrence University. She further studied at a non-profit theater school and ended up creating the Miranda Theater Company in New York. She began her career as a newscaster by working with Wall Street Journal. Martha then became a reporter at the NBC network but soon joined Fox News Channel. Her association with Fox News proved to be long-lasting and she hosted multiple programs for the channel including “The Live Desk”, “America’s Newsroom” and “The Story with Martha MacCallum”. She won the “Gracie Award” twice for her contribution to Journalism as a woman. However, she was criticized for her support for Donald Trump and for calling “COVID-19” a “China Virus”.

Daniel John Gregory was born in 1963 in New Jersey, US. He got his business degree from Villanova University and took charge of the family business. He ran the family company “Gregory Packaging Incorporation” and expanded the business all over the country. He is currently the Vice President. Despite all the success, Daniel kept himself away from the media attention. He doesn’t have any social media accounts and is extremely busy expanding his business.

They both got traditionally married on 22nd August 1992 at a church located in Manhattan. They had three children: Elizabeth Bowes Gregory, Edward Reed Gregory, and Harry MacCallum Gregory.  Not much information is available about the family but the couple is still very much in love and is currently residing in New Jersey, USA.


Elizabeth Bowes Gregory is unmarried but she shares an amazing bond with her younger brothers and parents. She was inspired by her mother and hence chose political sciences as her major. But graduated from Villanova University just like her father. This clearly shows that she idealized her both parents and tried to be like them in every possible way.