Easy and Effective Tesla Maintenance

If you have landed here, it is because, like many electric motorists, you own a Tesla electric car. The installation throughout Europe of superchargers, models with the greatest autonomy on the market, and the quality of connected solutions are among the main selling points. Another advantage and not the least when buying a Tesla: ease of maintenance.

Ease of maintenance is not a feature unique to Tesla models. This advantage is common to all electric vehicles. An electric car has fewer parts to replace and you will avoid the classic maintenance maneuvers of draining and replacing spark plugs.

However, each electric vehicle is unique and requires personalized maintenance. Through this article, we provide you with all the information and our valuable advice you need to maintain your Tesla in the best possible way!

When it comes to protecting your Tesla, investing in a high-quality car cover can be a wise decision. Not only do car covers protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions, but they also safeguard the paint from scratches and fading caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Ensuring the longevity of your Tesla and maintaining its sleek appearance can be a top priority for owners. One thing to note is car covers come in different sizes based on the model of car. So you need to make sure you get a Tesla Model X cover or Tesla Model Y cover, depending on your model. Doing this will ensure you are maximizing your vehicles protection.

Which parts will need the most maintenance for a Tesla electric car?

As explained in the introduction, an electric vehicle will need much less maintenance than a thermal vehicle. It is because these vehicles have less essential parts for the proper functioning of the car. Battery and motor are the re-prerequisite elements of an electric car. However, your vehicle will comprise many other parts that will be essential to your comfort.

Air Filter

Every Tesla vehicle is equipped with an air filter that prevents many molecules that can be harmful to the driver and their passengers from spreading into the cabin through the ventilation.

In particular, it prevents pollen intrusion, particle intrusion because of industrial emissions, road dust intrusion, and sand intrusion. This air filter needs to be renewed every two years for the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y and 3 years for the recent versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X.

Car tires

Another essential component for the proper functioning of your electric car; the tires. It is very complicated to drive without them. If you do not maintain them regularly, it affects your safety! The manufacturer Tesla recommends that you change your tires about every 10,000 km or if you notice a difference in tread depth of over 1.5 mm.

If you adopt a slightly sportier driving style, because of the harsh conditions to which your tires will be subjected, they will deteriorate more quickly and will have to be changed just as quickly.

As of now, I own a 2013 Tesla Model S. I regularly align and rotate the tires on this Model S after every oil change. That allows the tires to wear more evenly, ensuring better performance on dry and wet roads.

Car tires are essential to check

Brake and Brake Fluid

Another advantage of Tesla electric vehicles is that the brake will wear out much more slowly than with a thermal vehicle! It is because the vehicle recovers range by braking thanks to regenerative braking.

Check the car brake carefully

The car will use the braking power to recover electricity which it will transmit to the battery. So, the brake discs or calipers will be less put to the test. However, we still recommend that you clean and lubricate the brake caliper every year or every 20,000 km in cold regions. Regarding brake fluid, Tesla recommends that you check it for contamination every two years and replace it.

Air Ventilation

In order to cope with optimal and efficient air conditioning, the air conditioning in your passenger compartment must be regularly maintained, especially by replacing the humidity absorber. Tesla has set a schedule that estimates how long the humidity absorber will need to be changed:

  • 6 years for the Tesla Model 3
  • 4 years for the Tesla Model Y
  • 3 years for late model Tesla Model S and Model X
  • 2 years for Model S produced between 2012 and 2020
  • 4 years for Model X produced between 2012 and 2020

Does a Tesla car require annual check-ups?

Whether it is your Tesla vehicle or any electric car, you are not subject to any mandatory annual review! By switching to an electric car, you save on maintenance costs, which is not negligible!

If you own a Tesla, you have at hand a vehicle that is very often the subject of remote maintenance! Tesla frequently does software updates and remote diagnostics. However, if your vehicle needs a repair, you can always schedule an appointment from the app.

How to make an appointment for the maintenance of your Tesla?

  • Go to the Tesla app, click on “Maintenance”, and choose the theme(s) you want to discuss with the technicians
  • You will also need to provide details of the problem and precise description of the problem encountered with your vehicle.
  • You can choose the location where you want to interview
  • It is time to complete your appointment request. Before that, check that the contact information is correct in order to be contacted without inconvenience.

Prepare your appointment for the maintenance of your Tesla

Thanks to the connectivity of Tesla vehicles, a remote diagnosis can be carried out and a pre-diagnosis of repair can be issued, which will make it possible to order the parts necessary for the repair in anticipation of the appointment.

If your appointment concerns a problem related to the charging of your vehicle, do not forget to bring your charging cable so that the mechanic can inspect it.

Monthly checks

Besides the daily checks some are to be checked more occasionally. You will need to assess the windshield washer fluid level and top it up if necessary. Ensuring the correct tire pressure is also essential.

Also remember to check that the air conditioning system works properly. This system is essential for the proper functioning of the vehicle, as it allows the battery to be cooled when necessary. It explains its automatic activation even after you have turned it off. Keeping the battery at an optimal temperature level helps to extend its life and maintain high performance.

In conclusion

Now you have in your hands the essential information that will help you maintain your Tesla in the best possible way! However, we strongly recommend that you regularly consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Each Tesla model may require special maintenance specific to it and the instructions can be found in this manual. Tesla makes all service manuals for the various Teslas available to as many people as possible.