Don’t Get Overwhelmed by a Messy House: Here’s How to Keep It Clean

We live a very busy life that demands our attention and time around the clock. Amidst the busy schedule and tight deadlines, a messy house can be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back! Imagine coming to a messy home and getting a call from someone saying that they are coming over.

You take a glance at your house and notice all the clutter that has piled up. It can be either because you are going through a certain phase in your life or have a busy schedule and other priorities. We all have been there and faced a situation like this at some point in our lives.

The hustle and bustle of our daily lives can take over easily and we can’t dedicate all our free time to cleaning our house, as there are other important things to be taken care of. So what do you do? There are some things you can do as suggested by Dusty Shades House Cleaning to keep your home clean on a daily basis. This way you don’t have to get overwhelmed by the mess and clutter every time guests come over or deal with a messy house at the end of your workday.

Tips To Keep Your House Mess-free:

  • Have a place for everything:The best way to maintain a clutter-free home is to have a dedicated place for each item in your home. When one or more items don’t have a dedicated place in your home, it often sits out on other surfaces making the surfaces look cluttered. If you can’t find a good place for storing your items, it means that you need to do some serious decluttering to free up some existing spaces.
  • Reduce paper clutter:Of course, you can not completely eliminate paper clutter. But you can always prevent them from piling up by dealing with them as soon as you can. Create a system for your paper stationery like magazines, newspapers, journals, and paper mail- so that it puts you in control of the endless inflow of paper and not vice versa.
  • Live within your means:Although it isn’t a brand-new concept, the profound saying “live within your means” can be implied to your home which means that let the size of your home dictate the amount of stuff you own. For instance, if your closet spaces are coming out at the seams, get rid of the clothes that you don’t want or wear instead of dreaming of getting a bigger closet space.
  • Notice the common clutter-causing causes:What is causing the biggest amount of clutter in your home? Is it your children’s toys, the paperwork, or an overflowing closet? The most clutter-causing factors are the ones that sit out on the surfaces around your home. Just like your paper stationery, start decluttering and simplify the groups of items. This way you can either make dedicated spaces for these items or find a way to get rid of them.
  • Donate often:One of the best ways to maintain a mess-free home is to keep a donation box available and make “donation” a constant way of life. This way, whenever you come across something you no longer need, use, or love can be added to the box. Always remind yourself to give away items that you don’t need and make it a half-yearly or annual practice.
  • Stick to a one-in and one-out policy: This idea revolves around keeping a “constant number” of items at a particular time and not about owning a certain number of possessions. For instance, you can add items that you truly need but you can’t buy anything till you have loved your other items enough or donated something you already own to make room for the new item.

Cleaning a messy house is something that all of us have to deal with from time to time. Believe it or not, making your home feel like the clutter-free spaces in Pinterest and magazines can require you to free up some space and a little commitment to the above-mentioned basic principles. Whether you make a habit of delaying the cleaning or just live a very busy life, it does not take too long for clutter and mess to build up in your home. In the past, people used to dedicate their weekends to household chores. But if you juggle work and kids and want to dedicate the weekends to spending some quality time with them, you can get in touch with a reputable professional house cleaning service in your area. You will have a clean and mess-free home to yourself without breaking your back and thinking to yourself “where did the weekend go?” These professionals can use state-of-art cleaning practices that suit your schedule and lifestyle.