Donise David Barksdale Jr. Personal Life, Family, and More


Donise David Barksdale Jr. was the son of David Barksdale, an American gangster, and activist from Chicago, Illinois. If you’re curious about their life, family, and many more things, read this article till the end. We’ll try to provide every detail to you.

Educational Details of Donise David Barksdale

Regarding his academic history, we don’t know anything. We’ll try to learn more about him and update this page soon.

Career Details

It’s still unknown what Donise David Barksdale used to do during his lifetime. All the important information is missing about him, that is why we can’t reveal much in this article.

Who was David Barksdale?

The Black Disciples was started by David Barksdale, a.k.a. King David. He together with the Supreme Gangsters’ commander Larry Hoover made the decision to combine forces to become the Black Gangster Disciple Nation. He was respected in the black community for running a free breakfast program for underprivileged kids in Englewood and marching at Marquette Park with Martin Luther King Jr.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Donise David Barksdale was born to Virginia and Charlie Barksdale in Sallis, Mississippi. In 1957, his family relocated to Chicago, Illinois. He had lived there for three years before rising to the position of an infamous gang leader. By 1966, a few new members had joined his gang, and the group had earned the name Black Disciple Nation. King David began leading the Black Disciples in the late 1960s by giving breakfast to schoolchildren and participating in marches in Marquette Park with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Still in the Heart of the Black Community

The Black Disciples still hold high esteem for Barksdale. He is honored with a birthday ceremony each year. In 2008, the Black Disciples organization funded and supported a parade that the Chicago City Council controversially registered for the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. The Fraternal Order of Police denounced the procession, and the event’s organizers were warned about the possibility of gang violence.

Cause of Death

Barksdale was attacked in June 1970 by Black P Stone Rangers and was shot with M14 rifles outside a pub where he was present with Larry Hoover. Barksdale passed away from kidney failure on September 2, 1974. The assassination attempt ruptured a truce that had been in place at the time. In Alsip, Illinois’s Restvale Cemetery, he was cremated and buried.

Net Worth

Donise David Barksdale had a total net worth of $13 million during his life. He was a well-reputed man and earned all this wealth through hard work and sacrifices.

Some Facts About David Barksdale

Barksdale was detained 25 times throughout his life but was never found guilty of a serious crime. He frequently used the pseudonym “David Jones” when he was arrested.

Family History

In addition to his three children, David, Melinda, and Ronnie Barksdale, one of whom was fatally shot by a Gangster Disciples gang member in 1996, he was also survived by his wife Yvonne Barksdale, who was killed three years later in June 1977.


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