Chelsea Jean Crowell Profession, Successful Life, & More

Chelsea Jean Crowell, who was born in Nashville in 1982, to Rosanne Cash and Rodney Crowell, grew up both there and in New York City. Chelsea, whose middle name is Jane, has also called Memphis and Charleston home. She resided in Nashville. Before starting her most recent project, Chelsea was a member of the band Jane Only. Chelsea’s ingenuity, however, is not just limited to music, much like that of her successful author mother. She has studied photography at Memphis College of Art and also writes prose.

Crowell’s Mother

Chelsea Jean Crowell’s mother Rosanne Cash is an American singer-songwriter and author who was born on May 24, 1955. She is the oldest child of country music star Johnny Cash and his first wife, Vivian Liberto Cash Distin. Although she is frequently categorized as a country musician, her music also incorporates elements of many other genres, most notably Americana, folk, pop, rock, and blues. Her 1981 breakout hit “Seven Year Ache,” which topped the United States country singles chart and made it to the Top 30, was the most commercially successful of a string of genre-defying singles she had in the 1980s that entered both the country and pop charts.

Rosanne’s Origin

Vivian and Johnny Cash welcomes Cash in 1955 in Memphis, Tennessee, as Johnny was finishing off the first tracks, he had recorded for Sun Records. Vivan Cash, Cash’s mother, was part Irish, half Sicilian, half African American, and her Italian grandparents were from Cefalù, Palermo. One of Rosanne’s maternal great, great-grandmothers, Sarah A. Sheilds, was a mixed-race lady born into slavery who was freed along with her eight siblings by their white father.

The Country Music Star

American artist Rodney Crowell was born on August 7, 1950, and is best known for his work as a country music singer and composer. All five of Crowell’s Hot Country Songs’ number-one singles are from the 1988 album Diamonds & Dirt. Additionally, he has produced and written songs for other musicians.
Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt, two songwriters, had an impact on him. For three years, Crowell sang and played guitar in Emmylou Harris’ Hot Band.
For the song “After All This Time,” he received a Grammy Award in 1990 for Best Country Song. In 2014, his album Old Yellow Moon earned a Grammy Award for Best Americana Album.
James Walter Crowell and Addie Cauzette Willoughby welcome Crowell into the world on August 7, 1950, in Houston, Texas.
His family was musically inclined one grandfather directed a church noir, while the other played bluegrass banjo. He began playing the drums in his father’s band at the age of 11. He played in several garage rock bands in Houston when he was a teenager, singing hits from the time along with a few country songs.

Birth Of Chelsea Jean Crowell

Cash wed Rodney Crowell in 1979. Chelsea along with Carrie and Caitlin was born. Hannah Crowell, a child from a previous marriage, was also reared by Cash. In 1992, Cash and Crowell got divorced. In 1955, she wed John Leventhal, her second husband, and the two are parents to Jakob.


After reading this blog post, it’s safe to say that Chelsea Jean Crowell has some secrets. While we may not know everything about her, we now know some things that she may have been trying to keep hidden. We also know that she is a complex person with a lot of depth. If you’re ever in the same room as Chelsea, make sure to take the time to get to know her better.