Who is Charles Donald Fegert


Charles Donald Fegert came into the limelight because of his relationship with actress Barbara Eden, but her ex-wife’s fame did not prevent him from establishing himself. He was born in 1930 in Chicago, Illinois, but details regarding his parents and siblings have never been shared with the public.

His father worked in a metal firm, and he was able to offer them a good life with basic needs. He attended South Shore Excessive College in Chicago and later enrolled in Loyola College in Chicago, earning a Bachelor of Enterprise Administration diploma.

The Career of Charles Donald Fegert

Charles Donald Fegert started working in Mills before he joined the Coast Guard. After he graduated in 1955, he started working as a salesman for Solar Occasions. He showed excellent gross sales efficiency, and after a few years, he was employed by Day-by-Day information.

After working at Day by Day for several years, he was promoted to vice president of sales management. Despite being the vice president, he ensured he treated his subordinates respectfully, encouraging them to do work on time without giving orders.

He was acknowledged for his excellent managerial skills, which opened to more opportunities like working in disco golf equipment and eating places. Despite holding many jobs, he never revealed his net worth to the public.

Was Charles Donald Fegert Married?  

Charles had a successful career, but the marriage never worked well for him. He was married three times in his entire life, but all the marriages ended in a divorce. He was married to his first wife, and after divorcing, he hooked up with Trish Althaus.

Trish was in her early twenties when they met, and after dating for a few years, he took her to Kraft Chapel Baptist Church, where they exchanged vows and became husband and wife.

Charles Donald and Trish were proud parents of two children, but unfortunately, their marriage fell out in the 1970s. Charles never gave up on life after his second marriage failed, and he met Barbara Eden, a recognized actress and singer from America.

Barbara had come from a fallen marriage with Michael George Ansara, an actor, and they started dating in 974. After three years of successful dating, Barbara and Charles Donald decided to officiate their relationship through marriage.

Actress Barbara and Charles remained in the marriage for five years, and in March 1982, they separated. They completed divorcing in 1983, and that marked the end of marriage life for Charles Donald Fegert.

Although Charles never had any child with Barbara Eden, he was a proud father to two sons, Michael and Chip, who he sired during his second marriage. Charles remained single after the three marriages failed. Maybe he had other relationships later, but no marriage was made official after the three failed.

Is Charles Donald Fegert Alive?

Unfortunately, Charles Donald died in 2002 in his home. According to the hospital report regarding his death, it was a natural death because of old age. Charles Donald has remained known by many people because of his good managerial skills.