Carole Krumenacher’s Age, Family, Career, and Bio

Carole Krumenacher

Carole Krumenacher is the ex-wife to Bob Costas. Carole and Costas were married for almost two decades, but although her husband was famous, she maintained a low profile. Carole and bob had two children during the relationship, and although they spent many years together, they went their separate ways without giving reasons for their actions.

Carole met Costas in 1982, and they dated for a while before exchanging vows. Costas and his ex-wife Carole Krumenacher walked down the aisle in 1983 and exchanged vows. The pair started their happy union hoping for a happy life ahead.

Carole was very supportive during the eighteen years of marriage, but she never revealed what she was doing. She maintained a low profile and only went to the limelight because of her husband.

Where is Carole Krumenacher

Since 2001 when Carole divorced Costas, she has continued to enjoy a low profile. Carole has lived a quiet life, and no social media accounts are linked to her. This explains why there is no information about her later life after the separation.

Trusted sources indicate that Carole got custody of the children after the divorce. Still, the pair ended the marriage amicably, and Costas continued helping Carole take care of the children. Carole and Costas never revealed why they ended their marriage because of their children, but rumors indicate that they grew apart and decided to end it.

Who Are Carole Krumenacher’s Children

Carole Krumenacher gave birth to two children during her marriage with Mike Costas. Carole and Costas gave birth to their first child three years after their union, and they named him Keith Costas. After some time, the name of Carole’s first child was modified to Keith Kirby Costas because of a promise he had made to Kirby Pucket, a baseball center fielder.

Carole gave birth to a second child named Taylor Costas, and she was in 1989. Taylor is the lastborn in the family because there are no records of Carole later having children.

Carole’s children are adults who follow in their father’s footsteps. Keith and Taylor ventured into the sports broadcasting world and have started winning awards because of their excellent work.

Keith has won two Emmy Awards for contributing to the MLB Networks as an associate producer. Moreover, Taylor was awarded an Emmy Award for excellent coverage in the 202 Summer Olympics on NBC.

Carole Krumenacher’s Husband

Carole maintained a low profile after divorcing Mike Costas, and there have been no records of her getting married. It seems she never formalized her relationships after her first divorce.

Mike Costas was Carole’s first husband, but they divorced after eighteen years. Three years after the divorce, Mike Costas found love again and married Jill Sutton in 2004, despite the huge age difference.

Jill and Mike Costas have been living happily since their marriage, and they seem focused on growing their careers because they never became parents. But Jill seems to have blended well in the family and got along well with Costas’ children.

Jill Sutton was born in 1972 and has remained supportive of her husband. Costas and Jill spend their time together in various cities in the United States.