Camping With Family: A Complete Checklist of Essentials When Camping

camping with family

Are you thinking about going on a camping trip with the entire family? The idea of it is truly exciting. But, preparing for it is another story.

Are you stressed out on how to plan, especially what to bring? Worry no more! This post will provide you a complete checklist when going camping with your family.

Read on!

I. What to Consider Before Going on a Family Camping

Camping with kids surely involves a lot of packing. It’s like bringing the entire house with you! With a family camping, there’s no such thing as overpacking. But, there are some ways to lighten up the workload. Here are some questions that help you determine which items and supplies you need to bring.

1. What Camping Style Do You Want?

Are you planning to use an RV, tent, or car to camp? Or, are you thinking about getting a cabin for the family? When are you planning to go camping? Is it during cold weather, warm weather, or a combination of both? Answering these questions will help you choose which items you’ll need for your camping trip.

2. Can You Borrow Camping Supplies From Your Family and Friends?

If you’re planning to use a tent and don’t have one yet, it’s a good idea to borrow. One, it saves you from additional expenses. Two, it helps you determine which tent is perfect for your family. Borrow one or two tents from family and friends. Then, compare which one meets your needs the most.

For your other supplies, check which ones you can borrow from others. Many camping supplies are only good for, well, camping. Buying them is not that practical unless you plan to camp more in the future.

3. Can You Reuse Some of Your Camping Equipment?

If you have tried camping before having kids, check which types of equipment you can use for your trip. Some examples are kitchen equipment, sleeping pads, air mattresses, and sleeping bags. This will also help save some of your camping costs and focus on buying more important things.

4. Can You Do a Trial Run for Camping in Your Yard?

If you have the time, it’s helpful to do a trial run in your yard with your kids. It helps visualize more about what you will need and what you’ll do when camping. You’ll also determine which supplies and equipment you’ll need more. Plus, it’s another fun activity you can do with your kids before your trip.

II. A Complete Checklist for Family Camping

camping with family
To make sure you never miss out anything for your vacation, here is a complete checklist of what to bring for your family camping:

A. The Basics

These things should be your priority. Make sure to complete these first before jumping to other things.

★ Pillows
★ Favorite sleeping items of your kids
★ Tarp/ground cover
★ Tent
★ Air mattresses or sleeping pads
★ Portable crib if you are bringing babies

B. Clothing and Other Equipment

camping with kids now
The next items you’re going to prepare are clothing and other essentials you will need during camping. This list will depend on the resources and amenities available on your campsite and how long you’re planning to stay. Especially disposable raincoats. In the wet environment of the rainforest, please remember to prepare enough disposable raincoats for your family members. The following are some items you need to prepare besides raincoats.

★ Pajamas
★ Baby wipes
★ Clothing (bring extra for the kids)
★ Warm clothing such as gloves, hats, and jackets (in case it rains and it can get really cold at night)
★ Rain jacket
★ Camp chairs
★ Diapers for younger kids
★ Toilet paper
★ Toiletries
★ Flashlights
★ Camp towels
★ Bug spray
★ Sunscreen
★ Lighter or matches
★ Beach blanket
★ First aid kit
○ Sterile gauze
○ Medications
○ Plasters or band-aids
○ Saline solution to clean wounds
○ Itch/pain relief for insect bites
○ Splinter remover tool
○ Instant cold pack
○ Some sweets to comfort the kids

C. Kitchen

For your camp kitchen, it’s best that you keep your meals simple. This allows you to bring only a few kitchen supplies and tools. Packing for the family can be exhausting so it helps if you only bring a few for your kitchen.

★ Camp stove
★ Butane or propane
★ Pans and pots
★ Cooking utensils (cooking spoon, spatula, knife, etc.)
★ Can/bottle opener
★ Foil
★ Dishtowel or sponge
★ Reusable water containers
★ Cooler
★ Food ingredients
★ Snacks
★ Water and other beverages
★ Trash bags
★ Paper towel
★ S’mores ingredients (excellent for camping)
★ Formula milk and baby food (if you have babies)
★ Booster seat or portable high chair (not really needed but will come in handy if you have babies)

D. Activities

Your kids would likely prefer to enjoy the outdoors than do some indoor games. But, if it starts to rain, you’ll be forced to stay indoors. Bringing such activities would really be useful for such events. Here are some great examples:

★ Glow sticks
★ Play tent
★ Bubbles
★ Camera
★ Cards
★ Camping bingo
★ Scavenger hunt
★ Bedtime books
★ Fishing gear
★ Drawing books
★ Crayons and colored pencils
★ Binoculars

Preparing and packing for a family trip can truly be overwhelming. But, do not let that stop you from going camping with them! Camping is an awesome way to bond with your kids and make memories. Hopefully, this checklist wil