Meet Deena Cortese’s Lastborn Son: Cameron Theo Buckner

Cameron Theo Buckner is the second child of American television personality Deena Cortese Nicole and her husband, Chris Buckner. The couple also has another son named Christopher John, who was born in 2019. The birth of the second born overjoyed Cameron’s parents on May 1, 2021; his mother posted a picture of him a day after his birth.

Cameron’s father also announced the birth of their second son, and he hoped Christopher John would be the big brother to their little one. When Deena posted a picture of Cameron, her fans congratulated her and wished her the best with her son.

His Parents Love Story

Cameron’s parents met for the first time in 2011 through mutual friends; however, they did not like each other immediately. Over time they grew on each other and were already going on romantic dates. After dating for six years, the couple decided to make things official as they wedded in a beautiful ceremony on October 2017.

The beautiful couple waited for close to two years before welcoming a son. It was a joyous moment for them as they shared the news on their social media pages. Fast forward, the couple is now the parents of two, and they can’t be any prouder of their journey.

His Mother

Cameron Theo Buckner’s mother got into the entertainment industry in 2010. A year later, she was asked to join the cast of Jersey Shore to replace Angelina Pivarnick, who had a lot of dramas. However, it was not Deena’s first shot at being part of Jersey Shore; she had auditioned for season one of the show but got rejected.

When Cameron’s mother got the chance to showcase her talent on the show, she sure did. Deena is a party lover and added that aspect to the group alongside DJ Pauly D. She had been part of Jersey Shore since season three. Besides the show, Cameron’s mother had also appeared in Couples Therapy, a reality series, When I Was 17, and Silent Library.

The Net Worth of Cameron’s Parents

Cameron Theo Buckner’s parents have worked in different fields to ensure their family’s needs are met. Deena started as a reality star, contributing to her wealth; she also started a clothing line, which has been great so far. On the other hand, Cameron’s father worked in a publishing company and is also an electrician.

Cameron’s parents have a combined net worth of 3 million dollars, which are proceedings of their business and as a cast of Jersey Shore.

Social Media

Cameron’s mother is a social media lover and has a huge Instagram following. She uses her page to advertise her business and putting a smile on her fans. Besides her account, which has over 3 million followers, Deena has two other accounts. In one of them, she posts recipes with the intent of helping parents with quick cooking hacks.

Deena’s account is for a baby clothing line in which she sells baby clothes. She sometimes uses pictures of her son Christopher for marketing her brand.