Biggest Problems With Acting, And How You Can Fix Them

Knowing the craft of acting is like baking a cake – there are a million ingredients that you need to get just right in order to have a successful product. The key ingredients are your creative vision, your commitment and passion for the material, and growing as an actor in terms of technique. However, while it might sound easy enough on paper (or screen), executing all these components can often lead to some pretty big issues that actors find themselves running into again and again. Whether it’s feeling overwhelmed by being underprepared or simply not trusting yourself enough – mastering these common problems is essential for any emerging actor looking to excel in their career.

So if you want to learn more about how to conquer the obstacles preventing you from achieving excellence on stage or film, read on…


The biggest problem for many actors is fear – fear of public speaking, fear of not being perfect, and even fear of success. The good news is that The Actor’s Group Orlando has experienced coaches available to help with whatever your acting fears might be. From getting rid of sweaty palms before a monologue to getting tips on using volume and emotion in a scene, The Actor’s Group Orlando can provide the tools necessary to help ease those fears while building confidence in stage presence. Many actors need only one session to overcome their fears and open up as performers. The sky’s the limit!


As an aspiring actor, no one needs to tell you that another acting problem is rejection – being turned down for roles, missing out on opportunities, and having countless “nos” before finally getting a “yes.” Rejection is always hard, even if it’s expected in this field. The secret to overcoming it? Get creative. Start making connections with others in the industry and find projects that allow you to develop niche skills, write your own scripts and submit them, create a web series, or make your films on a shoestring budget. Being able to brush off these “rejections” and identify what to work on can give you a better understanding of where your weaknesses lie, turning a possible defeat into an opportunity for growth. The more effort you put into this, the more likely it is to pay off.


Another biggest roadblock many actors encounter is mastering the myriad of emotions involved in convincing performances. Feelings like despair, joy, anger, and love are so integral to many acting parts yet so hard to truly express. Fear not, though – there are some simple exercises you can practice that will help strengthen your tools for expressing emotion. Try some improv games with friends to get used to exploring your acting range and learn new tricks for channeling different feelings into physical movements. Another helpful tool is breathing techniques – consciously engage your diaphragm while practicing different tones in order to increase your emotional repertoire with fewer resources. With a regular routine of these activities (and no small amount of dedication), you’ll find that expressing even the most complicated emotions on stage becomes much easier.


Acting isn’t always easy, and many actors find themselves stuck when trying to remember their lines or develop a complex character. This problem is especially prevalent when the theatre isn’t better known for its supportive atmosphere—it can sometimes feel like everyone else is just waiting for you to make a mistake.

Even so, there are several ways you can take charge of this issue and improve your performance. One way is to practice saying each line out loud before going on stage. That will help build your confidence and give you more space to react naturally to other actors. You can also memorize your lines by repeating them as you go about your day. Also, try interval training which means repeating the material at shorter amounts over time instead of trying to cram it all into one lesson or studying session. Use props or gestures when learning lines, as it will improve retention and make them feel more natural during takes. Finally, make sure you get enough sleep ahead of time—nothing erases short-term memory quite like exhaustion does.

Acting can be a difficult and overwhelming venture; however, by understanding the biggest problems actors face and how to manage or avoid them, you are now well-equipped to take your craft further. Whether you are starting out or you’re already an established actor, these pointers should help in refining your engagement with the craft.

Always remember to focus on learning and growing, be it through getting regular feedback from fellow performers or more rigorous methods like working with an acting coach. Being aware of the challenges that lie ahead and having the necessary resources to tackle them is sure to boost your skill level and lead you toward success. After all, everyone has what it takes for greatness; it’s up to you to bring out the best version of yourself. Happy acting.