Bertram Roberson Pratt, Personal Life and Net Worth


Bertram Roberson Pratt was a celebrity father, who left the world in the late 1900s but the popularity of his daughter is keeping his name alive even today. He is best known for being the father of American actress, Deborah Pratt.

Here, we will unwrap all the details about Bertram Roberson Pratt including his early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, earnings, death, childhood, personal life, children, and all the details.

Personal life

Bertram Roberson Pratt was born on 19th May 1912 in Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama, USA. This is the only information available on the early life of Bertram Roberson Pratt. The names of Bertram Roberson Pratt’s parents are not known. Coming to the love life of Bertram Roberson Pratt, he was married to Geraldine Marion Bryant Pratt.

Although not much information is available on the personal life of Bertram Roberson Pratt as well, they are said to remain together till the death of Bertram Roberson Pratt in 1991. He took his last breath on 3rd December 1991 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA.

Parents and siblings

There is not at all any information available on the parents and siblings of Bertram Roberson Pratt. In fact, the family background of Bertram Roberson Pratt is a complete mystery to the public.


There is not any confirmed information available on the children of Bertram Roberson Pratt as well. According to some sources, he had four kids. However, there is information available only about one daughter of his, and she is Deborah Pratt, a famous American actress.

Education and profession

Like many other life details, the educational background of Bertram Roberson Pratt is also a secret. However, we are pretty sure that Bertram Roberson Pratt was a highly-educated person because he was a vice president of Pullman Heritage Bank.

Yes, he was in such a prestigious job post. Given this fact, you can say that Bertram Roberson Pratt was definitely a professionally successful man, who achieved massive success in his life.

Reason for the popularity of Bertram Roberson Pratts

Ideally, the main reason for the popular Bertram Roberson Pratt is his daughter, Deborah Pratt. Bertram Roberson Pratt himself was a prominent personality but his profession was not as glamorous as that of his daughter.

This is the reason that he could not grab much public attention and came into the limelight only after his daughter became an actress.

Net worth of Bertram Roberson Pratt

Considering the profession of Bertram Roberson Pratt, you can assume he must have had a staggering net worth. However, it is not known to the public because neither Bertram Roberson Pratt nor his famous daughter ever revealed any details regarding his earnings.

If you are curious about the net worth of his actress daughter, she holds a huge net worth of around 1.6 million right now.


Today, Bertram Roberson Pratt is definitely known because of his daughter, but he himself was a phenomenal man and left a legacy behind. His daughter is just taking that legacy further.