Everything to Learn About Otis Williams’ Ex-Wife: Arleata Williams

Arleata Williams

Arleata Williams has remained famous thanks to her ex-husband Otis Williams, an American baritone singer, record producer, and songwriter. She is a mother of one, Elan Carter. Arleata Williams dated Otis Williams from 1981 to 1982, when they started living together. They made their union official in 1983; though the couple stayed together for 14 years, they were never blessed with children.

Arleata Williams’ daughter Elan Carter featured as the centerfold model for Playboy magazine in 1994. Elan Carter was a soul train dancer before moving to modeling and acting; some of her film credits include 3 Strikes, Vertical, Playboy: Wet & Wild Live, and Playboy: Playmates on the Catwalk.

Career and Net Worth

Even though Arleata Williams was a wife of a celebrity, most of her details are unknown to the public, including her career. Given that what she did to earn a living is unknown, it is hard to estimate his exact net worth. On the other hand, her ex-husband, who has been in the music industry for over six decades, has a net worth of 8 million US dollars.

Her Ex-Husband

Otis Williams started his music career in the late 1950s as a teenager. He worked with several groups, including the El Domingoes, the Distants, Otis Williams, and the Siberians. Paul Williams and Eddie Kendricks joined Arleata’s ex-husband, Franklin, and Bryant to form the Elgins, who signed with Berry Gordy’s record label, Motown Records.

Elgins changed their name to The Temptations and started performing soul music; the group became successful and incorporated singers like Richard Street, Dennis Edwards, Damon Haris, Theo Peoples, David Ruffin, and Ray Davis for more than forty years. The group kept changing as people would leave and new ones would join; Arleata’s ex-husband and Franklin committed never leaving the group.

In 1994, Franklin left the group due to health issues, and Otis Williams remained the only remaining founding member. Williams co-wrote Temptations with Patricia Romanowski; the book, which has a history of The Temptations, was adapted into the miniseries The Temptations.

Despite staying with The Temptations for a long time, Otis does not like being the lead singer but rather the organizer and leader of the group. Some songs the band recorded include I’m Gonna Make You Love Me, Sky’s the Limit, Masterpiece, For Your Love, You Send Me, among others.

Arleata Williams’ ex-husband was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989 as one of the members of The Temptations. A musical based on his memoir Aint Too Proud: The Life and Times of the Temptations premiered in 2017, and he was so happy to watch the play. In the miniseries, The Temptations, Arleata’s ex-husband was portrayed by Charles Malik Whitfield.

Arleata Williams’s ex-husband has taken a step back in music and is not as active as he was because of his age.

Life After Divorce.

After divorcing Otis Williams in 1997, it is unclear if Arleata Williams married again or if she stayed single. On the other hand, Otis Williams has not revealed who he is married to after divorcing Arleata Williams.