Apartment Searching in California: Top Rental Amenities Millennials Can’t Do Without

Apartment Searching in California

Millennials (born between 1981-1996) are the nation’s largest living generation, with an estimated 72.19 million people. They’re the fastest-growing section looking to move to rental housing with an increasing demand for apartment living – so how do we know which amenities attract them? Let’s find out. 

Rental properties have numerous attractive apartment features – from gym facilities, co-working spaces, lounging pools, covered parking, pet services, etc., needed for a comfortable stay and additional provisions based on what’s more valuable to the tenants. Some may focus on individual-room amenities, while others focus on community amenities. You can talk to landlords and your trusted property management company San Francisco or the city you live in, about what they can provide or if they have any restrictions if you add personal amenities yourself. 

When looking for a new place to rent in California, young workers wish to live in an apartment that will satisfy them outside their busy work lives. Finding the perfect rental home, especially for Millenials, is crucial for a comfortable stay. Whether renting it for a few months or a few years, Millennials are looking for these valuable additions to elevate their overall experience, provide utility, and help them close the deal. Hence, here is a look at various amenities that one cannot do without.

Top Rental Amenities Millennials Cannot Do Without

Essentials – Kitchen + Bedroom + Bathroom

  • Kitchen

It’s incredibly crucial for homeowners to understand the differences in needs of various renter age groups and the most attractive ways to cater to them. If you’re going to be staying at a new place for a decent amount of time, you need a space that will allow you to cook your meals comfortably. 

Millennials want a modern-edge kitchen with spacious countertops to contain all their necessary gadgets and appliances, such as a stove, dishwasher, sink, water filter, etc. Homeowners can also add smart, decorative lighting, multi-purpose areas, or white cabinets – voted as the number one color preference for the age group. 

  • Bedroom 

There are many ways to make a property appealing to Millennials. While the pandemic was a teaching moment for most, it also helped us gain a better perspective on working remotely. While in a rental property, the essential requirement is to want a comfortable bedroom for you to rest and relax; there’s more that can be done for one’s professional life and wellness routine. 

A dedicated workspace station in the bedroom can help Millennials efficiently attend Zoom meetings and a bigger space that can double up as a home gym is another great addition for young workers. 

  • Bathroom 

New-age renters are always excited by upgrades and fixtures to their bathrooms. While bathrooms are essential for every living space, the young age group is always considering different ways to elevate their lifestyle. Most Millennials are looking to trade off space for more appliances, such as washers and dryers, that can offer them comfort and better functionality.

When it comes to a rental property, you need at least one spacious, clean, and functional bathroom to live comfortably. When checking out places to rent, landlords can connect with the tenants to see if they can alter small changes in the bathrooms to make them more suitable for their stay, such as shower heads, lighting shades, fancy mirrors, etc. 

Pet-friendly Space + Facilities for the Disabled

Millennials are the most significant section of pet owners (32%) and, thus, prefer a space accommodating to pets and their needs. In most apartments, modern and comfortable amenities for pets may also be included, so it’s best to check with your realtor company for full details before signing your lease.

When searching for rental properties, it is best to check directly with the landlord if they allow pets on their premises, any regulations for them, and other essential details that will allow you to narrow down whether that property is meant for you. 

Finding a rental property accessible to everyone, especially those with disabilities, is a critical factor that cannot be overlooked. Wheelchair ramps, door handles, etc., must be included in the property for better accessibility measures. 

Tech Facilities

Tech facilities such as internet speed, reliable cell reception, smart home features, etc., are not just other utilities like water or gas but are even more essential. 91.2% of residents stated that mobile phone reception and seamless connectivity are necessary, while 44% of residents confirmed that they wouldn’t rent the apartment without it. 

Millennials want unlimited access to binge, work, connect, etc., anywhere in and around their rental property. Having an internet connection, working phone lines, etc., helps facilitate smooth communication. At the same time, smart home techs such as smart lighting, smart thermostats, digital locks, and smart assistance can offer complete remote access to renters with improved safety and total management of devices. 

When living in a new space, you want to be assured of all safety measures to prevent accidents, such as thefts or break-ins. It is necessary to check for security additions to a property before you sign a rental agreement.

Did You Know?

45% of current renters in the U.S. are Millennials, of whom 63% assured that they’d move out in case the apartment lacked quality security measures.

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  • Parking Amenities + Outdoor Area

If you own a vehicle and are moving to a new rental property, you want to be assured of safe and reliable parking facilities available. Many apartment buildings have assigned parking available, and you might get a hold of places like this. It makes the situation more convenient, and you do not have to worry about parking violations.

If you’re looking to rent a home with a mountain view, having an outdoor space, such as a garden, will be beneficial and increase the satisfaction you get from staying on the property. Discuss with your mountain view property management company about amenities that are available for tenants to use on-premise. For instance, an outdoor space that can improve your home aesthetics or having a place to grow your kitchen herbs or other small produce if that’s something you like and find essential. 

  • Kid-Friendly Space + Family-Friendly Amenities

If you’re looking to move into a rental property with your kids, having an area that is safe and healthy for kids is essential for a fulfilling stay. You want amenities that will suit kids and ensure their safety within the property.

A rental property must be able to accommodate families conveniently and have property provisions that will allow long-term family stays for people of all ages. The property must also have cleaning facilities, such as garbage collection, disposal systems, property cleaning services, and other essentials to ensure a satisfying and livable rental space. 

  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Systems

A well-lit area for your stay is a crucial requirement for a satisfying rental property. When looking for one, you have to note the lighting in each room, in outdoor spaces, and more to ensure a comfortable stay for your timeline.

Did You Know?

As per recent reports, the top three in-house apartment amenities recorded for millennials were washers and dryers (26%,) upgraded bathroom finishes (20%,) and upgraded kitchen finishes (19%).


When looking for the perfect property to rent,

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By HomeLight Homes,you have to ensure that it will have all the essential amenities you need for a comfortable stay or provisions to make changes to accommodate them. Not all properties will have them, but some landlords can be flexible with what they will allow. Hence, if you’re a millennial looking for comfortable and satisfying rental properties with all the essential amenities, check out this list of must-haves everyone requires in their rental stay property.