Anne Dennis Ragsdale Summitt, Personal Details and Life

Anne Dennis Ragsdale Summitt

Anne Dennis Ragsdale Summitt is the wife of Tyler Summitt. Also called AnDe, she is a former head basketball coach of the Tennessee Lady Vols. His husband is a former coach of Louisiana Tech. Tyler and Anne Dennis have not had the best marriages, and his personal issues led to him losing his job.

The scandals also went ahead to make his wife lose her coaching job. So, who is Anne Dennis Ragsdale Summitt? This article will give you in-depth details of who AnDe is and all relevant information.

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Personal Details

Full Name: Anne Dennis Ragsdale Summitt

Age: 31

Husband: Tyler Summitt (Divorced)

Date of Marriage: 1st June 2013

Parents: Rebecca and Dennis Ragsdale

Sibling: Jack Ragsdale

Occupation: Former head coach of Tennessee Lady Vols

Children: None

Year of Divorce: June 2017

The Early Life of Anne Dennis Ragsdale Summitt

Anne Dennis Ragsdale Summitt was born in 1991 in Knoxville, Tennessee. AnDe is the second child of Rebecca and Dennis Ragsdale. Jack Ragsdale is the elder brother to Anne. Additionally, Rebecca and Dennis are attorneys at Long, Ragsdale & Waters.

Education Life

Dennis Ragsdale is an alumnus of Webb high school. After completing high school, she attended Marquette University, where she did Physical therapy degree. Ragsdale went on to earn a doctorate in the same field. Apart from physical therapy, AnDe went to the University of Tennessee, where she studied kinesiology.

Anne Dennis Ragsdale Summitt Career

When she finished her university education, AnDe got a job as a head coach of the Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team. After her scandalous marriage, Anne lost her job. To date, no one knows what she is doing.

Relationship Life

Anne Dennis Ragsdale got married to her high school lover Tyler Summit. Also, Tyler is the son of Pat Summit, a former college basketball coach. The couple got engaged in 2012 and did their wedding on 1st June 2013. After seven years of marriage, Tyler and Ragsdale divorced in June 2017. Additionally, Tyler is a former NBA basketball player.

AnDe Children

The couple didn’t have children while they were together. According to sources, Anne is currently married and has a family. This means she has children, but we don’t know how many.

The Family of Anne Dennis Ragsdale Summitt

Anne is the child of Dennis Ragsdale and Rebecca Ragsdale. AnDe and her family have been living in Knoxville, Tennessee. She has an elder brother called Jack.

What Led to Anne and Tyler’s Divorce?

Tyler and Anne went to the same high school and got engaged in 2012. A year after their engagement, the couple did a wedding on 1st June 2013. After seven years of marriage, scandals rocked their relationship. Tyler was in a secret relationship with one of her players. As a head coach, that was inappropriate and led to him resigning and getting divorced. Their divorce was finalized in June 2017.

Where is AnDe?

Currently, there is no exact information about her whereabouts. We can inform you that she is married again and living a happy life with her new husband.