Recalling Life & Death Of Anna Marie Scheitlin


Anna Marie Scheitlin was the mother of J. Edgar Hoover. Every parent always has the craving to get honor because of their children around the globe. However, J. Edgar Hoover falls under the category. His son has put all his enthusiasm into introducing his mother as a famous personality.

The article is introduced to the audience to transmit who Anna Marie Scheitlin was. Along with her, a brief section will be summed up about her son.

Early Life And Family

Anna Marie Scheitlin was born on 12th September 1859 in Washington, Magdalena, Colombia. She was the daughter of Margaret Scheitlin and Jacob Scheitlin.

Excluding this nothing, much can be comprehended about Anna. Everyone has an idea that she was the mother of a famous identity but still she never came up with anything about her early life. However, his son also never explained anything about his mother’s childhood journey.

Personal Life

Anna Marie Scheitlin walked down the aisle with Dickerson Naylor and had 6 kids with him.

Anna’s Son And His Net Worth

John Edgar Hoover was the foremost Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and was the director of the Bureau of Investigation. He was born on 1st January 1895 in Washington, D.C., U.S. To finish off his primary education he went to Central High School, and later joined the  Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program.

After gaining his LL.M. degree, John Hoover took his first step toward the working realm in the War Emergency Division. At the beginning of the first World War, he became the chief of the Division’s Alien Enemy Bureau.

After gaining so much power John changed his temperament and changed into a harsh and secretively he started misusing his powers. He used secretive files and documents against strong politicians and started blackmailing them. On the other hand, he also misused his powers and gathered information to accomplish some illegal pieces.

John Hoover also put forward his thoughts in the books written by him. But till now the audience has a vision that these points were jotted down by FBI agents secretively. Such books include Red Fascism in the United States Today, A Study of Communism, Masters of Deceit: The Story of Communism in America, and How to Fight It.

John Hoover took his last breath on 2nd   May 1972 in Washington, D.C., U.S.

At the time of his death, J. Edgar Hoover had a net worth of 11 million dollars.


Anna Marie Scheitlin left her loved ones and the world on 22nd February 1938 in Washington City, District Of Columbia, District of Columbia, United States. However, the reason for her demise is not known till now.

Anna Marie Scheitlin’s Net Worth

No such evidence can be accumulated that can provide any efficient notification about Hillary’s mode of income. That’s why conveying anything about net worth is not appropriate. Nonetheless, it’s better not to enunciate anything unsuitable without any legal evidence.


Hopefully, from the above-elaborated sections, it’s quite easy to figure out who Anna Marie Scheitlin was. However, she must be a proud mother who has scrutinized her son to ascend the notches of prosperity. To know about personalities, keep scrolling through this website.