All About Hitler’s Niece: Elfriede Maria Hochegger

Elfriede Maria Hochegger was the daughter of Angela Hitler, the half-sister of Adolf Hitler, a dictator and the leader of the Nazis. She had two siblings, a brother called Leo Rudolf Raubal Jr and a sister named Geli Raubal, who committed suicide in 1931 at the age of 23. Elfriede’s father was a tax inspector; unfortunately, he died in 1910 when she was born.

Personal Life

In her personal life, Elfriede married Ernst Hochegger, a German lawyer, in 1937, with whom she had two children, a son named Heiner Hochegger and a daughter whose name is not mentioned. Among all the Hitler family members, Elfriede Maria Hochegger was the only person who lived her life separate from the rest of the family.

Most of her family members were involved in politics, so she lived longer than any of them. Elfriede died on September 24, 1993, aged 83 years.


What Elfriede did to earn a living is not mentioned, but her husband was a lawyer, and whatever he earned was enough to feed their family.

Her Mother

After her husband died and World War I ended, Elfriede’s mother moved to Vienna. However, she later established contact with her brother Adolf Hitler and moved to Obersalzberg, where she worked as his housekeeper. While still working for Hitler, Elfriede’s elder sister died, but their mother continued working for him.

Elfriede’s mother married Martin Hammitzch, but her brother Hitler did not support the marriage. The disapproval of the marriage complicated things between the two. However, Hitler later started talking to Elfriede’s mother because she was the only person in his family who would talk to him.

During World War II, Adolf Hitler helped Elfriede’s mother by moving her to a safer place; he also gave her money. After the second world war, Angela’s husband committed suicide. Elfriede’s mother died in 1949 due to a stroke aged 66.

The Death and Circumstances Leading to the Death of Her Sister

Geli Raubal had a close relationship with her uncle Adolf Hitler. While living with her uncle, Geli was in a romantic relationship with Emil Maurice, her uncle’s chauffeur. When he heard of it, he made Elfriede’s sister end the relationship and dismissed Emil Maurice. After discovering that Geli had romantic relationships, Hitler started controlling her.

Hitler monitored everything Elfriede’s sister did; she was like a prisoner. At some point, Geli wanted to leave, but Hitler stopped her, and they ended up arguing since she was not happy with how she was being treated. After Hitler left, she shot herself with one of his pistols.

The Aftermath of Her Sister’s Death

Upon the death of Elfriede’s sister, there were rumors that Hitler possibly abused her physically. Others also mentioned that Hitler was probably attracted to Geli, which is why he controlled her and whoever she dated. Adolf Hitler was badly affected by the death of her niece, and he was depressed for some time before finding his feet.

Elfriede’s uncle claimed that Geli Raubal was the only woman he had deeply loved as he maintained some of her portraits.