Advantages of Using Dry Fast Foam


Using the right foam for your application is important for the best results. There are different types of foams to be used for different types of applications. You may need foam for indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, automotive applications or marine applications.

You should select the foam based on the usage like for everyday use or for occasional use. The foam has different properties like firmness, density and support factor. Understanding the foam differences will help you select the right foam for your application.

The firmness is measured as how much weight is required to compress the foam to a certain amount. It is called the IFD (Indentation Force Deflection) or ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) and is a value from 1 – 100. The higher the number the softer the foam.

The most important factor in foam is the density of the foam because it indicates the quality of the foam. High-density foams are less likely to bottom out or dish. The higher the identity of a particular type of foam the better the quality.

The support is how fast the foam gets firmer after you compress it. The more the foam is compressed the more firmer it gets. The firm should have desirable surface softness and firm inner support. Due to this factor, some foams can perform better than other foams in a particular application.

Types of foam

There are different types of foam like high-density foam, luxury foam, quick dry/dry fast foam, super soft foam and more. The foams can easily be cut into the desired shape depending on the furniture. You can get a square shape, rectangle shape, circular shape and more.

High-density foam is good for domestic seating, luxury foam is firm and good for everyday use, quick-dry foam is good for outdoor use and super soft foam is good for sofa cushions and mattress toppers.

Quick dry foam

If the outdoor cushions are not going to be taken in during the night or covered and are going to be kept outside then you can go for quick dry foam. If you need a mattress for outdoors then you can use quick dry foam.

The quick dry foam is also called the reticulated foam, quick dry foam, ever dry or easy dry foam. The foam is highly porous and allows water to flow freely through its cells. This makes it good for outdoor cushions as the cushions will dry out quickly even if they get wet.

The foam has uniform cells which create an open porosity and allow it to breathe. As the air circulates it dries out fast. The other foams will retain moisture while quick dry drains out the water quickly. As it does not retain any moisture it prevents mold and mildew.

The form is available in varying densities like soft quick dry foam and firm quick dry foam.

Soft quick-dry foam

The soft foam has a soft feel and keeps the cushions comfortable for a longer time. It is good for outdoor use as it dries out quickly. It can be used in premium-designed furniture, salt and freshwater applications, poolside, dining furniture, outdoor ottomans and lounges and yacht mattresses.

Firm quick-dry foam

The firmer foam offers a firm feel and has a high tensile and tear strength. It can provide a superior performance in wet and humid conditions. It dries out quickly and can be used in marine commercial-grade furniture.

Advantages of quick dry foam

  • When the quick-dry foam is used for outdoor cushions or mattresses it will dry quickly if it is exposed to rain, morning dew, salt sprays, washing and any other form of moisture. Its large and open pores drain out the moisture quickly and air circulation. This helps to dry out the foam quickly.
  • It is ideal for outdoor applications as it offers benefits like long-lasting, comfortable and fast drying. Its large open pores allow air to circulate and dry it quickly.
  • The foam can withstand long-term exposure to the sun and the weather. It can be treated with an antimicrobial agent to inhibit fungus, mold and mildew.
  • It can be easily fabricated and cut just like conventional foam. You can easily add interwoven fibers to the foam to improve the comfort level and plushness.