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9 Essential Tools You Need in Your Home Toolkit


Whether you like to get stuck into tasks around the house, or you consider yourself a DIY novice, there are certain tools that every household needs. After all, there are always jobs that need doing around the house – from building furniture to fixing pesky leaks.

Here, we explore nine essential tools that everyone should have in their toolkit.

A tape measure

A tape measure is an important tool that will be used in almost every DIY project you complete at home. Whether you’re buying a new sofa, installing curtains, or putting up artwork, a tape measure will help you get the job done right – and avoid costly measuring mistakes!

A claw hammer

A claw hammer is an essential tool for hammering nails into the wall – which you’ll need if you want to put pictures up around the house. It’s also useful for prying unwanted pins or nails out of wood or walls.

A screwdriver

A screwdriver will come in handy for a whole range of projects around the house. If you’re building flat-pack furniture, for example, you’ll need a screwdriver to help you fit the parts together.

A spirit level

A spirit level will allow you to position things accurately during your DIY projects. This is useful in every task that requires things to be straight – such as putting up shelving, building a bookcase, or hanging prints.


This handy tool is used to bend, cut, or hold items tightly, such as screws. You may need them around the house for jobs like unscrewing nuts and bolts, bending cables, or cutting or stripping wires.

Cordless multi-tool

A Milwaukee multi-tool is hugely useful for a range of cutting and removal jobs. The M18 system is hugely powerful – offering great performance for a range of tasks like sawing, sanding, and scraping.

A retractable knife

A retractable knife will come in handy more times than you may think. Whether you need to update the silicone around the bath, open a well-taped box or remove an old carpet, a retractable knife will be essential to getting the job done!

An adjustable spanner

If you ever need to tighten a loose nut and bolt, an adjustable spanner will be essential. For instance, if you have a leaky pipe under the sink or a wobbly piece of furniture, you can use your spanner to tighten up the nut and bolt and get your items working efficiently again!


A torch is often forgotten but can prove extremely useful during DIY projects. If you’re working in an area with poor lighting, such as under the sink, in the loft, or under the stairs, a good-quality torch will give you better visibility while you work.

Having these essential tools in your home kit will allow you to tackle a whole range of DIY tasks with ease and efficiency.