9 Badass Women Who Are Changing Snowboarding Every Year


We don`t have to wait for the Women`s day to talk about those badass ladies who live amongst us. There isn`t a single profession where women haven’t proved their mettle.

As such the world of snowboarding is not an exception either. If it were up to me, I would have included every single one of them, but alas, I could only invite 9 such inspiring personalities in this article.

Among these women, there are some who we grew up watching after all these wonderful ladies were the ones who ignited our enthusiasm.

Not to mention the tremendous impact they had on women empowerment.

Apart from them this article also includes those young women too who are reining the world right now.

Some of them have already made their name whilst others are close to having a major breakthrough.

So let`s get you introduced to these wonderful and badass women of snowboarding world, who are also ambassadors and role models to many.

1. Elena Hight.

A two-time Olympian champion and the winner of four X Games medals, Elena Hight is one such reason why there is such a swift headway in women`s snowboarding.

Girls like Elena are known for breaking the norms and aiming for the impossible.

At the age of 13, she created history in women`s snowboarding when she landed the first 900 in competition, but she didn`t stop there.

In 2013, at the Halfpipe event of Winter X Games, she became the first person (that`s right, THE FIRST person) to land a double backside alley-oop rodeo in the competition.

Hight has her own web series named Hight Hopes where she addresses every single aspect of snowboarding for the future aspiring riders, without downplaying any of them.

2. Kelly Clark.

The undisputed champion of the women`s snowboarding, Kelly Cark has been at the top for the last 15 years. Name any major snowboarding event, you will find her name in the victory list.

To name a few, she has won the gold medal in Halfpipe category in 2002 Olympics, seven US Open Championships and a dozen medals in Winter X Games.

She became a brand new hero for many kids when she landed the first-ever 1080 by a woman in the 2011 Winter X Games.

As Clark says, my ceiling will be their floor. In 2010, Clark laid the foundation of her non-profit organization named after herself.

With this, she has provided scholarships to those young aspiring riders who are helpless due to financial constraints.

3. Mia Brookes.

Can you remember what you use to do when you were 12? Well whatever you did, I am quite sure it wouldn`t have been as exciting as what Brookes does at this age.

At the age of 6, Mia has won many national titles. In 2018, she won the Davos junior slopestyle completion, and also the Laax Grom Open of the same year.

She has already achieved so much at this age one can only imagine what her future will bring forth.

4. Anna Gasser.

Austrian born Anna Gasser became the first woman to land a triple cork in her maiden attempt.

In the 2014 Winter Olympics, Gasser exhibited her best result when she got qualified directly into the finals.

Later in 2017, she won Gold in Big air category at Snowboard World Championships in Spain.

She also won gold in slopestyle at Winter X performance, including silver for Big air at Aspen and bronze for the same category in Hafjell.

She is already a famous athlete with many more achievements yet to come.

5. Chloe Kim.

Chloe Kim is yet another athlete to be reckoned with, she has competed and won against other women who have trained longer than she has been alive. That says something.

In the 2014 Olympic qualifier round, she came second just behind Kelly Clark, the gold medalist of 2002.

A feat like this made her a top contender for Halfpipe, but she couldn’t compete at that time because she was 2 years short to qualify the minimum age of qualification.

Instead, she left for Aspen for Winter X Games, and won silver, thus becoming the youngest person to win a medal in X games history.

The same year she also got her bronze in the Burton US Open of snowboarding.

6. Jenny Jones.

It was in 2014 Winter Olympics held at Sochi that Britain was finally able to secure its first Olympic medal, thanks to Jenny Jones`s bronze in Slopestyle.

Before this remarkable feat, she won gold in X Games US in 2009 and 2010, also in the X Games Europe.

During the 2013-14 Slopestyle season meeting held in New Zealand, she secured silver, while in August of 2013, she came first in FIS Snowboard World Cup.

In light of her contributions, Great Britain awarded her the esteemed Pery Medal in 2014.

7. Miyon Yamaguchi.

Miyon Yamaguchi (34Miyon) is one of the most stylish snowboarders in today`s time. Her flawless and glossy, yet super methodological riding style is unparallel.

Slowly but steadily this Japanese born athlete is gaining much-deserved recognition with her clips in Dirty pimp edits.

34Miyon`s riding technique is greatly influenced by Japanese street chops and the SoCal ethos of Bear Mountains.

She is well known for her backflips, front board, 270`s, revert tap outs and switch-ups. Her upper hand in these tricks is why she landed a role in the movie The Uninvited.

8. Jess Kimura.

For those who have abandoned their dream of snowboarding due to financial burden, Jess Kimura is the answer to that.

She proved that if you love snowboarding then you will find a way, you don`t have to sell every possession you have just so you can get airdropped in a chest-deep pow.

Instead, she resorted to urban rails and gave the guys in the park run for their money.

Known for her aggressive style, she went on to earn Women`s Rider of the Year award in 2012, including Reader`s Choice Fan Favorite and Women’s Video Part of the year.

9. Jill Perkins.

Rarely a day goes by where you don`t hear this name, and there`s a valid reason for that.

Her warm and friendly attitude, coupled with such an impressive and technical riding style has helped her gather such a commendable list of sponsors.

This also includes rides with such an energetic crew who regularly brings out such thrilling and exciting content.

Let`s see how exciting her career is going to be in the future.


I understand if your favorite snowboarder didn`t make the list, nevertheless you can find inspiration from these badass riders as well.

I say you can be your own inspiration, just buy the best snowboard boots 2020, get your snowboard out of the attic and commence your journey.

You never know, perhaps one day you will find your name in such articles.