8 common mistakes people make while DIY water heater installation in McKinney


8 common mistakes people make while DIY water heater installation in McKinney

Water heater installation is a job best left to the pros. Unfortunately, many people in McKinney attempt to install water heaters on their own, which can lead to several costly mistakes. Here are eight common mistakes people make when installing a water heater themselves:

1.Using the wrong size water heater: You must buy the correct size for your home so your hot water needs are met without wasting energy and money.

2.Improperly connecting pipes: Connecting pipes that use different types of materials can cause corrosion over time and lead to leakage. You must use compatible pipe connectors and connect them correctly with sealant or tape as needed. When planning forwater heater installation in McKinney, TX, make sure you have the right size and type of pipe.

3.Forgetting to install a temperature & pressure relief valve: This valve is designed to keep your water heater from over-pressurizing, which can be dangerous. It’s important to follow manufacturer instructions for proper installation.

4.Failing to secure the water heater: Improperly secured water heaters can move around during operation and cause damage as well as leaks. Be sure to properly secure your water heater in place so it won’t move or shift while running.

5.Not connecting the necessary venting: Most modern water heaters require direct venting, which must be connected correctly with no gaps or openings. If you are unfamiliar with venting for water heaters, it’s best to contact a professional for assistance.

6.Installing the wrong type of anode rod: Anode rods protect your water heater from corrosion and damage caused by hard water, so you must get the correct type for your specific system.

7.Not checking the area around the water heater: Make sure there is no combustible material near the heater, such as clothing or curtains, to prevent fire hazards. Moreover, keep any flammable liquids away from your hot water tank as well.

8.Ignoring local codes and regulations: You must check local building codes in McKinney before attempting to install a water heater in your home. Make sure you are following all safety and installation regulations so that your water heater is installed correctly.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can be sure your DIY water heater installation project in McKinney will be successful and safe. However, if you’re still unsure of how to proceed with installing a water heater properly, it’s best to contact a professional for assistance.

Benefits of hiring professional plumbing services in McKinney, TX!

Hiring a professional plumbing service in McKinney, TX can provide you with a wide array of advantages.

1) For starters, a professional plumbing service will be knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. They will know what type of materials and tools to use, as well as the right techniques for tackling any plumbing issue you may have.

2) Professional plumbers also come equipped with specialized equipment that is essential for proper repairs and installations. This ensures that your plumbing system is installed correctly the first time and that it runs effectively for years to come. For example, when you schedule water heater repair in McKinney, TX, a professional plumbing service will be able to identify the exact problem and provide an effective solution quickly.

3) Professional plumbers can also help you save money on utility bills since they can detect problems early on before they become more expensive down the road. Additionally, they can identify ways to make your home more energy efficient by finding areas where water consumption is high and suggesting ways of reducing it.

4) A professional plumbing service can provide you with peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about tackling the issue yourself or making mistakes that could cause further damage to your home.

5) Last but not least, when you hire a professional plumbing service in McKinney, TX, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. Professional plumbers are highly trained and certified to do the work correctly. They also have access to better materials, so your plumbing system will be more durable and able to withstand any potential damage from everyday use.

Overall, there are many advantages to hiring a professional plumbing service in McKinney, TX for all of your repair and installation needs. From savings on utility bills to increased peace of mind, it makes sense to go with a professional instead of trying to handle the job yourself. JMP Plumbing Services offers convenient appointments, so call today at (469) 337-3725.