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5 Ultimate Ways to Improve Employee Performance


When running a business, employee performance has a very important role in achieving success. High-performing employees not only will help to increase productivity and efficiency but also help drive the company’s growth and sustainability. 

High-performing employees tend to be more productive in their jobs. With increased performance, they can complete tasks more efficiently and produce better results. This has a positive impact on the smooth running of the company’s operations and can help achieve the set goals. Therefore, employers or managers need to find effective ways to improve employee performance.

Improving employee performance is not an easy task, but it is very important to achieve long-term company success. Check out below the effective ways to improve your employee’s performance better!

1. Provide training

What causes the performance of your employees to stagnate or even less than optimal? Is it because their skills are inadequate? If your answer is yes, then you should provide training to your employees to improve their skills. Set aside specific time to teach new skills to your employees.

You can also send them to attend training organized by more skilled parties. For a more flexible and practical option, you can register employees to take part in online classes or webinars available on the Internet. This method will give your employees new knowledge that can contribute to advancing the company.

2. Transparency in performance appraisal

Apart from being caused by inadequate skills, decreased employee performance can also be affected by system errors, especially errors in the performance appraisal system. Many companies still implement a closed performance appraisal system. Thus, employees won’t know the details of their performance appraisal.

They may find other employees who are considered less active in contributing but instead get a bonus. While those who already feel they have achieved the target given, do not receive any appreciation. It is not wrong if then they will be prejudiced that performance appraisal is done subjectively.

For this reason, you should exercise transparency in performance appraisal. Inform employees what will be the assessment indicators. That way, they can know why they got such a low or high score for the performance appraisal.

3. Offers a tiered career

In addition to bonuses and salary increases, a tiered career can also motivate an employee to improve their performance. A career path accompanied by a salary increase or other incentive increases will certainly keep employees motivated. They will be more enthusiastic about working so that they can immediately reach a higher career level.

Conversely, if you do not implement a tiered career or unclear career path, there is a high chance that employees will lose work motivation. They feel that there is no need to increase their performance because it won’t give any improvement to their position anyway.  If left unchecked, your employees may look for career opportunities elsewhere. If you want to retain your employees better, offering a tiered career and bonus to your employees is a great way to do it.

4. Provide rewards for employees

This is an easy but effective way to improve employee performance. A reward will make employees feel appreciated for their hard work. This kind of appreciation will motivate them to improve their performance. Rewards don’t need to be too personal or expensive.  You can provide gift vouchers that employees can use to shop for daily necessities.

5. Ensuring the office is clean and comfortable

As an entrepreneur or manager, one of the important responsibilities is to create an optimal work environment for employees. One aspect that is often overlooked is the cleanliness and tidiness of the workspace.  However, it is important to ensure that the workspace is kept clean and tidy.  

A clean workspace free of dirt, dust, and germs can help maintain employee health. Employees who work in a clean environment have a lower risk of disease and infection. In addition, by maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the workspace, the risk of accidents or injuries can be minimized. This of course will affect the increase in employee performance.

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Improving employee performance definitely is not an easy matter. But following the tips mentioned above, it definitely can help you to do that. Do remember also, that you should not forget to appreciate your employees. Helping them to feel valued is the best way to uplift their productivity and performance.