5 Steps To Hosting a Memorable Team Outing in 2023

Team building events, such as corporate sailing events, help your employees to deepen existing relationships with one another or to create new ones. They can also provide motivation and help employees find greater purpose in their work. A successful team outing or company event requires careful planning ahead of time. Here are some ideas to help make your upcoming corporate outing an unforgettable experience that your team members will treasure for a long time.

1. Decide How Many People Are Invited

You may be planning an event for the whole company or for a smaller group within your organization, such as your executive team. In either case, determining how many people you intend to invite should be one of the first things you should do.

2. Choose a Venue

The reason that you need to decide early how many people you intend to invite on your outing is that you need to choose a venue appropriate to that number. For example, a sunset dinner cruise San Diego is appropriate for a small gathering, but the capacity of a boat or ship is limited to a certain number of passengers, and that limit is non-negotiable.

3. How To Build Team Comradery

You need to plan fun activities for your team members to enjoy together during your event. Research has shown that unique experiences stand out in people’s memories more than routine events. Therefore, you should try to think outside the box and try to come up with unusual activities that your team members are unlikely to have experienced before, or at least not very often.

4. Choosing an Activity Fit for Your Team

When choosing a company outing, it’s important to consider your employees’ individual interests and your company culture, and select an option that resonates with both, such as a party boat on Sydney Harbour, offering a unique and enjoyable experience. For example, if your company is very environmentally oriented or you know that many of your team members are interested in outdoor activities, your outing could involve exploring one of the best nature spots in San Diego.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to pick an activity that aligns with your team members’ interests, it is perfectly appropriate to ask them. You could have them fill out a survey asking them to rate their interest in possible activities and provide them space to add any suggestions they might have.

5. Start Planning Early

There are a couple of reasons why it is important to choose a date for your outing that gives you plenty of time to prepare. If you wait to reserve a venue until close to the time of the outing, it may not be available to you, which can disrupt all your other plans. Furthermore, your team members are going to need time to clear their own schedules and reserve the date for the outing in their itineraries.

Whale-watching and sailing are popular activities in San Diego, and the weather is favorable most of the year. This means that these activities are options for your corporate retreat regardless of when you plan to hold it, but you do have to book well ahead of time to make sure that it’s available on the day you’ve scheduled.