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5 Renovations that Can Increase the Value of Your Home


Home renovations can transform our homes and improve our quality of living. A home can feel outdated and awkward if it hasn’t been renovated for years.

Home renovations serve a dual purpose: not only do they enhance your quality of living, but they can also significantly boost the value of your property. Should you have intentions to sell your home, a freshly renovated property can command a higher selling price. Moreover, attracting potential buyers and securing a swift sale becomes a more achievable feat when your home boasts recent renovations.

If you are on a tight budget, your remodeling projects must be targeted. You should know which renovations will cause the most considerable increase in your property’s value. Generally, it is a good idea to get these renovations before selling your house:

1. Bathroom Remodelling

You can have a comfortable start to your day in a cozy bathroom. So, prospective clients put a lot of weight on the bathroom condition when buying a house.

When renovating your bathroom, go for better functionality. Replace your old plumbing, tub, and toilet. Ensure your new layout works well with the existing placement of your pipes. Otherwise, you will have to move the pipes around, which will be expensive and time-consuming. Energy- and water-efficiency upgrades can save money on the bills, so making your bathroom more water-efficient improves your house’s value significantly.

Consider maintenance when getting new tiles. Choose a material that is easy to clean, like porcelain. Also, consider getting larger tiles, as you would have less grout to clean this way.

Remember to hire professional contractors with a track record of seamlessly handling projects. Google bathroom remodeling company near me and read the reviews of prospective contractors, so you hire only the top-rated ones.

2. Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen is the heart of your home: it is where your family gathers and eats meals. A kitchen renovation can improve your home’s usability. If you get an island, provide at least three feet of space around it so there’s space to move around it. Adjust your layout according to the functionality so that one appliance doesn’t block someone else from using another.

An energy-efficient kitchen saves money on the bills in the long run. Consider making your kitchen more energy-efficient to get a better resale value. For example, get a tankless water heater for your kitchen. It will heat your water only when used, saving you money on heating costs. Similarly, buy energy-efficient lighting fixtures for your kitchen. Use LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs whenever possible. Check if your lights have the Energy Star certification: such lights meet the stringent energy-efficiency criteria the US government has put in place.

3. Better Curb Appeal

How your house looks from across the street is essential for many home-buyers. They prefer a place that looks aesthetically pleasing. There are many ways to improve curb appeal, starting with the basics of lawn keeping. If you have space around your house, keep a well-manicured lawn. It is a relatively cheap upgrade but can considerably improve your house’s value and quickly find prospective buyers. Ensure your lawn is neatly trimmed, and the planting beds always have fresh mulch. Don’t keep your landscape simple; add color and texture by potting seasonal flowers around the entryway.

You can also add a new front walkway or driveway. There are several ways to spruce up your driveway. For example, you can illuminate it with lamps. The material and shape of your driveway can also improve its look. Curved or sweeping driveways add style and are also practical. Also, you can add a differently colored or styled border to demarcate your driveway and improve its aesthetics.

4. Upgrade Your HVAC

Your house’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning should be in prime shape if you want to sell your home at a higher price. If your house’s HVAC is broken or deteriorating, you will have difficulty finding good clients.

Consider energy efficiency when replacing your HVAC system. Home buyers prefer an HVAC system that does not require too much electricity. An inverter AC can significantly reduce energy consumption by using microprocessors controlling its speed. Once the room is cool or warm enough, the air conditioner reduces the motor speed to save energy.

Upgrading your house’s insulation, or retrofitting, is another easy HVAC upgrade. If your home gets cold quickly or you notice a pest or mold infestation, your old insulation may need an upgrade. When replacing your insulation, choose a material with a high R-value or heat resistance material. Remember that your choice of material should complement your house shape. Some roofs, like flat roofs, are expensive to retrofit. Generally, the most common insulation materials are fiberglass, Rockwall, or polystyrene.

5. Add a New Room

Home buyers want to have as much usable space as they can get. You can increase your usable space by adding a new room or converting your basement or attic into a bedroom.

Constructing a new room will give you a great return on investment. However, adding a new space is a labor- and time-intensive job that can take several weeks. Adding a room is also expensive since you must modify your entire house’s floor plan, dig and install new foundations, and add electric and plumbing connections. Building a new room can cost as much as your house’s original cost.

A less expensive way to increase usable space in your house is to convert an attic or a basement to a bedroom. However, your attic or basement must meet the local regulations for rooms. For most areas, you need at least 70 square feet of space and 7 feet of vertical and horizontal length to convert your attic or basement into a new room. Your attic or basement must also be accessible by a staircase and have an emergency exit, like a window. You will also need a permit for adding electric wiring or ventilation. However, converting your attic or basement into a room will considerably increase your house’s resale value.


Are you considering selling your house? Get some basic renovations to sell it quickly and for a higher value! Home-buyers prefer homes in pristine conditions that meet their needs. By getting upgrades like kitchen and bathroom renovations and a new room, you can modify your house according to the customers’ needs and increase its resale value.

Renovation projects mentioned here have a high return on investment, but it depends on getting experienced contractors to do the job. If you want to renovate your house, research your contractors carefully. Good luck!