5 Reasons Why Farmhouse Decor is the Ultimate Home Style

5 Reasons Why Farmhouse Decor is the Ultimate Home Style

Farmhouse decor includes elements like distressed wood and reclaimed materials. It also incorporates rustic items — like ladders that double as shelving, wire baskets, and faux-antique window frames with chicken wire in the frame.

It’s Versatile

Despite popular belief, you don’t have to live on 100 acres or own a herd of cows or hens to embrace farmhouse decor. The aesthetic has been incorporated into urban neighborhoods, coastal communities, and even suburban neighborhoods as people are drawn to the natural look of the style. Farmhouse décor often utilizes wood elements as part of the building or as decorative pieces. Real or faux exposed wood beams, hardwood floors, and shiplap are favorites. Another way to add farmhouse flair is to use landscape prints and paintings. These are popular not only in farmhouse decor but also in modern home design.

It’s Simple

Farmhouse style is a simple decor theme that can easily blend from room to room. Neutral paint colors are essential for farmhouse decorating, especially light beige or gray tones that amplify natural light. Wood is a common element of farmhouse design, whether shiplap walls or wooden beams. Wood furniture also makes a great accent to any room, especially if painted with neutral paint. Another way to bring in the farmhouse style is with rustic metal elements, such as wire baskets and wooden crates. These items can be used for everything from cooking spices to storing throw pillows and blankets in the bedroom. They also work well with other farmhouse accents, such as greenery, which can be displayed in a basket or a vintage jar.

It’s Rustic

You can bring a rustic feel into any space using decor like wire baskets. These are easy to find and can add a touch of whimsy while also being super practical. You can store kitchen supplies, hold fresh greenery, or use them as a laundry hamper! Adding repurposed objects like wooden crates, metal cans, or a vintage dough bowl is another great way to bring farmhouse style into your home.

It’s Comfortable

Farmhouse decor embraces comfort as a key design element. From cozy upholstered sofas to wicker baskets, the farmhouse style relies on practicality as much as it does on beauty. Neutral shades like whites and soft grays are popular in farmhouse decor for their fresh, clean aesthetic. Adding earth tones of steel blue or sage green adds dimension and a more serene aesthetic. Antiques are a key element of farmhouse decor. Whether a repurposed wooden frame around family photos or a wire-brushed wood clock on the wall, old-fashioned elements create a cozy and authentic feel. Layering different textures is another key element of farmhouse decor. From upholstered headboards to woven rugs, adding a variety of materials helps the look feel cohesive and well-thought-out. Mixing up the finish of furniture pieces is also a great way to keep the farmhouse style looking new and refreshed.

It’s Affordable

Farmhouse decor is a great style for those who want to make their home feel like a cozy retreat. It also is a cost-effective style that can be achieved on a budget. Thrifting, estate sales, and meandering through flea markets are all ways to find unique farmhouse decor pieces at affordable prices. The key is looking for items with character, whether imperfect or with a story to tell. Another way to keep decorating costs down is using a mix of textures. The texture is essential for farmhouse style, from natural fiber rugs to chunky knit blankets. Multiple finishes on wood furniture, too, add interest to the space.