5 Plumbing Issues That Can Affect Your Family’s Health

5 Plumbing Issues That Can Affect Your Family’s Health

A plumbing problem, whether big or small, can disrupt your household’s day-to-day operation. It can stop the flow of clean water to your home, which you need for drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning spaces, and washing dishes and clothes. Aside from bringing great inconvenience and discomfort, JTS, a property management company in Fair Oaks warns that a leaky pipe, clogged drain, sewer damage, and rusty water heater can also put your family’s health at risk. Learn more about how poor-quality plumbing can affect your health at home; keep reading on this page.

Leaky pipes

Leaks in your pipes or water lines can happen due to old plumbing age or lack of proper system care and maintenance. In a study conducted by engineers at the University of Sheffield, it has been shown that contaminants can enter pipes through leaks and be transported through the pipe network. Drinking contaminated tap water may result in gastrointestinal illnesses, nervous system or reproductive effects, and chronic diseases such as cancer, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Clogged drain

Ignoring clogged drains in the hope that they will just clear out on their own can get you in big trouble. Minor clogs can quickly escalate into a major plumbing problem if left untreated for days or weeks. Over time, the dirt buildup down your pipes can get worse and grow more difficult to remove. This slows down the draining process and sometimes causes water to remain stagnant in sinks and toilets.

According to Harcourt Health, stagnant water in clogged pipes can attract disease-carrying pests, like mosquitos. Pests and insects that enter the home increase the risk of everyone in the family getting infected by harmful bacteria or viruses.

Sewage overflow

A sewage overflow is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Aside from the wet mess, it creates inside the home, a sewage overflow can also discomfort your family with the unpleasant smell of rotten waste. As claimed by the Better Health Channel, sewage contains harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, which can cause illnesses like gastroenteritis. If you have an overflow at home, make sure to call your trusted plumbers to cut the problem at the source right away. All surfaces touched by sewage in your house shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to avoid contamination.

Rusty water heater

A water heater is a vital part of your home’s plumbing system. It provides an adequate supply of hot water that your household needs, especially during cold weather. However, as storage tank water heaters grow old, they usually develop rust on the inside. A little rust on the water is not harmless, but too much of it infiltrating your home water supply may have detrimental effects on your family’s health and your plumbing system.

You can avoid dealing with a rusty water heater by going tankless. Today, tankless water heaters are a popular choice among homeowners and business owners. Why? It is because they don’t produce standby energy losses and deliver a constant supply of heated water. According to the United States Department of Energy, demand water heaters can be 24%–34% more energy-efficient than conventional storage-tank water heaters.

Outdated water fixtures

If you are planning to buy an old house, be sure to double-check on the property’s plumbing system for issues that could put your family’s health at risk. Outdated water fixtures like faucets can deposit lead into your home water supply. The United States Environmental Protection Agency warns about the exposure to lead in drinking water. While a dose of lead has little effect on adults, the same amount can trigger severe reactions in young children and infants.

When moving into your new home, take the time to update all plumbing fixtures to be safe from potential lead exposure. To make sure the new plumbing components are well-fitted into your plumbing system, don’t hesitate to consult a licensed and skilled plumber.

Ask help from a licensed plumbing company

Are you facing similar plumbing issues in your residential property? If yes, waste no time and call the plumbing experts right away! To answer your 24/7 emergency needs, partner with a reputable plumbing company in your local area. Knowing that you have a team of trustworthy professionals by your side gives you that additional peace of mind. Make the call today