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4 Unique Types of Blinds and How They Elevate Your Home


Window blinds are an important component for any indoor home or office space. They are responsible for transforming a room in more ways than you can probably imagine. Blinds of any type, shape, or form, including the high-quality options provided by Select Blinds Canada, offer various benefits for the different rooms in your home. Whether you’re looking for privacy, light control, or simply enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal, Select Blinds Canada has a wide range of blinds to meet your specific needs. From classic Venetian blinds to modern roller shades, their selection is sure to complement any style of decor.

Whether you’re thinking of installing indoor or outdoor blinds Melbourne residents, who are often exposed to harsh sunshine, have consistently opted to utilise these stylish window furnishings. Blinds not only regulate the amount of light you wish to let in, but they form an important design element, too!

For any purpose, blinds are an integral part of the functionality, comfort and aesthetic pleasure of your home. Outdoor and indoor blinds serve a similar purpose, but they have different attributes. Read on as we discuss some surprising advantages of blinds, while touching on some of the different types of blinds you can choose from.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds can be made up of real or faux wood materials, as well as the more commonly used aluminium. The different materials can serve different purposes, especially with regards to your desired look and feel, as well as other design and utility objectives.

Aluminium blinds are particularly useful in that they are highly resistant to moisture and general wear and tear. They have a rather glossy, stylish and elegant look, which are most often suitable for office environments, kitchens or bathrooms. Since the material is so resistant to moisture, bathrooms and kitchens are the recommended environments in which to install aluminium blinds.

Wooden blinds offer a more rustic and charming look to your indoor space. They’re timeless in terms of aesthetics, while quality wood also makes them highly durable and functional. Wood absorbs heat and light well, so they’re perfect for regulating light. As a bonus, you can control your privacy. Moreover, wood is a natural trigger for cosiness and comfort, making them most ideal for your living room and bedroom.

If you want the same visual elements that wooden blinds offer, but not necessarily the same functionality, you can then opt for faux wooden blinds. Faux wood comprises a synthetic material – which is waterproof – that is textured and patterned to look like real wood.

Real wood can get cracked and damaged from too much moisture, which is where its faux wood counterpart comes in handy. They’re durable, moist-resistant and easy to clean, making them especially useful for kitchens and bathrooms.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a favourite if you’re aiming for a stylish, yet simple look. These blinds offer a great opportunity to either colour-code your room with precision or show various forms of patterns and shapes.

With these roller blinds Melbourne residents can introduce your own personality and character to your living space. But that’s not all they’re about. Roller blinds – which roll vertically, up and down – offer a great variety of light control and privacy options. They’re also efficient with regards to creating a complete blackout, which is useful if you want to get some shuteye during broad daylight!

These blinds come in ranges of thermal and moisture-proof fabrics to help you get the most out of them. They’re most ideal for your bedroom, bathrooms or living room.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds consist of long – obviously vertical – sleek slats that are well able to regulate light to your preference. They bring a distinct look to your living environment, especially because they add another dimension of, you could say, an ‘extra wall’ or ‘door’. But they’re also highly functional.

Its slats are rather mobile, flexible and easily arranged, making them perfect for various degrees of light control, from strong light to minimal light and even to a complete blackout.

They are more suitable for very large windows or sliding doors and patio doors. Therefore, you’ll often find them in bedrooms with an attached outdoor patio or balcony, as well as living rooms and dining rooms.

Electric Blinds

Electronic blinds – most ideal for the type of blinds that have slats or strips of material that glide against one another – have a special appeal. Motorised blinds have a unique aesthetic value along with its functionality, and requires minimal effort, thereby enhancing comfort and convenience.

These modern blinds are children- and pet-friendly, because there aren’t any cords and strings that can cause harm. Another unique feature of this electronic function is that you can set your blinds to open and close at different times of the day according to your preferences!

Are you struggling to wake up in the mornings due to the unpleasant sound of your alarm? No problem. An electric blind can be set to open – either gradually or quickly – just after sunrise to let in some natural light. This will allow you to wake up more relaxed while benefiting from some sunlight to trigger Vitamin D production.

For these reasons, they’re perfect for your bedroom or living room areas.


Overall, blinds of various types, shapes, sizes and forms play important roles in your home. Since each room in your house is made for different purposes, you need to choose the right type of blinds to support that function.

You shouldn’t be ‘blind’ to how helpful these furnishings can be. But, for optimal convenience and functionality, choose wisely when picking between different types.