4 Best Online Real Estate Schools in California

4 Best Online Real Estate Schools in California

Earning a real estate license in CA is not a walk in the park. California requires potential agents to complete a 135-hour real estate education to get their licenses. You need to find the best education provider and commit a lot of effort to succeed in your real estate exam, paving the way for your license. Choosing the best school to obtain your license in California can be challenging since there are several options. This comprehensive review of the leading CA real estate online schools will help you select a school that suits your learning style and budget.

What Are the Best Online Real Estate Schools in California?

Here is a list of accredited real estate schools in California that you can attend online.


RealEstateU is recommended for students who want to benefit from self-paced, live, and on-demand video courses. Enrolling in this reputable and accredited school will allow you to enjoy interactive lessons that will prepare you to pass the state real estate license exam. One thing that sets RealEstateU apart from other CA online real estate schools is that it offers the most affordable pre-licensing course packages. Modern and expertly designed online courses train students to adapt to the ever-changing California real estate landscape. Regardless of what course package you opt for, you get value for your money. RealEstateU makes it easier for students to receive customer support. They also have an attractive refund policy that provides a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the best real estate courses in California for any reason.

2. Aceable

After RealEstateU, Aceable is the next biggest online real estate school in California. The school has one of the best pass rates among California students at close to 90%. If you are unable to complete the online course within 12 months, Aceable can allow you to renew your access for up to six months at an extra cost. Attending Aceable’s online school is a good idea if you want to study the best California real estate license course from the comfort of your home. Please keep in mind that Aceable also has an incredible customer support team based in the United States. Self-motivated students should consider choosing the Deluxe course package, which includes up to 75 videos and audio lessons to streamline their exam prep.

3. The CE Shop

Whether you want a free trial offer, self-scheduling flexibility, or the best online real estate courses in California, The CE Shop has you covered. Although the school may not have the highest pass rate in real estate in CA, Aceable beats the national average. The user-friendly online learning platform is easy to navigate, and it offers simple but excellent features that will save you money while improving your study experience. Attending The CE Shop is a practical way to benefit from carefully designed online real estate courses. It’s a good choice for students looking to schedule their own study sessions.

4. Colibri Real Estate School

Colibri makes the list of the best online real estate schools for professional career development. Reviews show that its overall rating is four out of five stars. The institution thrives because of their optimal learning platform and competitive real estate courses. With simple to use features to help students stay organized, you can keep track of your tasks and study with a flexible schedule in one place. Colibri offers one of the best real estate online courses in California for all stages of your real estate career, including continuing education and broker licensing.

Your future in real estate lies in the quality of your education, so get in touch with RealEstateU or one of the best online schools to get your license in just a few easy steps.