4 Affordable Home Improvements You Can Do on the Weekend

Closet Organizer

Renovating your home does not always mean you have to spend a lot states Keyrenter, a property management company. If money and time are a concern, then you can always do one renovation at a time.

Are you looking for ways to brighten up your home a bit? If so, then today is a good day! We have compiled below simple home improvements that will not hurt your budget!

1. Closet Organizer

Closet Organizer

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There’s no need to spend a lot to have a decent closet. Have you heard about wire shelving systems? These are easy home improvements that are affordable, practical, and really simple to install. Moreover, they enhance your storage space. Because everything is hanging on the walls, your closet will be easier to clean. Plus, wire shelving does not accumulate dust like the traditional shelving.

If this is your first time installing a wire shelving system, don’t worry! Any beginner can install it only using a hacksaw, level, drill, or any hand tool. To make this closet organizer

Here’s what you need to do:

a. First, measure the dimensions of your closet. In most local home stores, you can find basic kits that fully come with clothes rods and shelves that cost between $50 and $75.

b. If you opt for a more advanced system, you can either start first with the kit and add some accessories. Or, you can create a customized system from parts that are readily available. Go to any home store and check different parts. This will give you some arrangement ideas.

c. After that, plan your shelving system by putting the shelves and other accessories with masking tape at the back of your wall. If you need help with the planning, there are manufacturer websites that share planning guides.

d. Many brands have durable wall anchors that are great in drywall. To cut the wire shelving, you can use a hacksaw to fit your design.

e. Lastly, scout for accessories, such as a tie, belt racks, baskets, and shoe racks to increase your storage options. This will also allow you to maximize the use of space.

2. Laundry Center

Laundry Center


Does your laundry area need some improving? Does it need better storage, lighting, and organization? This quality home improvement will solve all those problems. For this home project, everything you’ll need can be found at your local home store.

a. To begin, look for a stock countertop. You can order other colors that are not available but you are going to pay more for it. Remember to purchase end caps as well to conceal the raw edges of your countertop.

b. For support, build simple shelves that are 8 ft. long and 23.25 inches wide. A great option is Melamine shelving. It has a durable coating and does not require painting. Size the shelves to fit your laundry baskets.

c. Cut the components and screw them together. You can cover the screws with plastic caps, which are commonly found near the shelving.

d. Hang a pair of 18 inches by 30 inches wall cabinets above the countertop to store cleaning supplies. Attach a flexible clothing rod between them to give room for hangers.

e. Surely, you want your laundry area to be properly lit. This is for you to clearly see stains and other problems of the clothes. Fluorescent tubes are excellent as they evenly produce light. You’d want to get a 4-ft. long fixture with four bulbs. Also, get those with electronic ballasts so you won’t deal with bothersome hums of magnetic ballasts.

f. Lastly, brighten and soften your flooring with rubber plastic floor tiles. These types are commonly used in commercial buildings and garages as they are durable but tender on the feet.

Installing these tiles is really simple. All you need to do is to snap them together without needing any adhesive. You can find these at online and offline home centers and they are available in different colors.

3. Mini Bathroom Makeover

Mini Bathroom Makeover

Changing bathroom accessories, such as light fixtures, towels, and towel bars, and applying fresh paint are among the simplest ways to give your bathroom a makeover. There’s no need for special skills and a paintbrush and screwdriver will definitely do.

However, take note that this mini-makeover is only for aesthetics and does not involve fixing faulty faucets, toilets, floor tiles, etc. Also, the cost of this makeover will heavily rely on your taste and choices.

When looking for new toilet accessories, stick with one layout. Manufacturers and sellers today offer matching sets of bathroom shelves, soap dishes, towel bars, and other bathroom accessories.

Your bathroom will have a significant change by simply applying fresh paint. But be careful, if you paint your bathroom first, you might have a hard time looking for matching bathroom accessories. So, to be safe, start with your essentials first, such as shower curtains, rugs, towels, etc.

4. Backyard Sanctuary

Backyard Sanctuary

Planning and designing a backyard involves a lot of factors. However, for many, their main concerns are adequate shade from the sun and protection against pests and insects. The good news is there an array of screened canopies that can address these concerns. These canopies are both easy to set up and maintain. Moreover, you can put them in any flat area.

Depending on the size, screened canopies can cost around $200 up to $500. Common sizes are between 10-ft. by 10-ft and 12-ft. by 12-ft. Thanks to these outdoor essentials, you can have a wonderful sitting area in a matter of hours. You can get these at your local home store and from an outdoor furniture seller.

Putting your screened canopy on a grassy floor will mean the grass will wither fast. If you don’t have a patio or deck, you might want to build a paver patio. Concrete and brick pavers are strong and come in a variety of styles and colors. Building this patio is quite easy but will need a lot of work. Consult your local home center or garden stores and discuss the best way to go about this.

These are only a few of the things you can do to upgrade your home. Always remember, a beautiful home does not need to be expensive! The key is to be resourceful, patient, and committed to finish the project.

Good luck!