10 Awesome Einthusan Alternatives to Stream Movies and TV Shows


Are you a movie lover but don’t have the time or money to keep going to movie theatres? Then streaming movies online must be your thing. Have you heard about Einthusan?

It’s an awesome site that lets you watch movies that are not commonly found in other streaming websites. Interesting, right? You might want to check its website now!

But, wait… You can’t access the site just now. What must you do? Check out other websites, of course! If you are looking for awesome alternatives, then look no further! Check out our list of Einthusan alternatives below!

What Is Einthusan?

First things first. Let’s get to know Einthusan better. Einthusan is a website that offers a wide selection of TV shows and movies. It mainly focuses on South Asian movies, which are rare in other sites. If you enjoy watching such movies, then look no further.

Einthusan is definitely the website for you.

A unique trait of this site is it provides different languages, such as Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil among others. This feature is not common among movie sites.

If you go to the website, you will notice that it requires you to log in. Don’t worry, signing up is easy and totally free! Once you have signed up, you can directly watch and enjoy your favorite movies.

10 Alternatives for Einthusan

10 Awesome Einthusan Alternatives

Einthusan is definitely a great movie website, but what if it becomes unavailable? It would really be a bummer if you have your snacks ready but will just find out that you can’t access the site. Good thing that we have this awesome list of Einthusan alternatives! If you can’t access your favorite site, you can try these websites instead:

1. 123 Movies

123Movies is a top choice if you are looking for an Einthusan alternative. It offers so many movies and tv shows that you can easily search. You can find movie links according to the year and the site even has a link exclusive for HD movies. 123Movies is completely legal and you can watch movies there without any issues.

2. SolarMovie

Solarmovie offers a wide range of movies, from Hollywood blockbusters to the classical ones. They also have different genres, allowing you to find a movie that best suits your mood. Searching for a movie here is also easy. Based on your preference, simply select the movie and the country for optimal watch experience.

3. PopcornFlix

Another popular movie site is PopcornFlix. This is because you can watch movies anytime, anywhere, and any device you are in. A common problem with some movie sites is movies won’t load if you are using a tablet or iPad.

Rest assured, this does not happen if you use PopcornFlix! Whether you are watching from your desktop computer, laptop, iPad, or tablet, you can definitely watch your movie without any problems!

4. LosMovies

If you’re looking for the latest movies, then LosMovies is a good choice. The site is updated regularly with new movies, even those that are just released in movie theatres! If you’re looking for something classic, the site also has it! What’s more, you can easily download movies here in case you want to watch it again.

As if those are not enough already, LosMovies also offers movies in various dialects to make them more interesting. Don’t worry though, they all come with subtitles!

5. Fmovies

Fmovies offers different movies and TV shows that you can stream and download. You may have heard that this site was involved with some piracy issues. This is indeed true but it continues to operate. You can use also use this site if you want to download the movies.

6. Watchtvseries

If you are into TV series, then you should check this website out. You can find a wide selection of series here, whether new or classic. Watchtvseries surely comes in handy if you cannot watch your series on time or if you want to watch ahead and won’t have to wait for the next day for the next episode.

7. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is also a top choice for streaming online. You can choose here an array of movies and TV series. Therefore, you can be assured that you will always find a good movie to enjoy. The site also offers IMDb movies, which are all available in high-quality resolutions.

8. 5Movies

The main reason why many prefer to use 5Movies is it does not require you to register. You don’t have to provide sensitive information, such as your location and contact information. Also, you get to watch choose movies in different genres. It offers TV shows and movies, both of which are available in HD.

5Movies is currently available in at least 60 countries and can be accessed in any device as long as there is a reliable internet connection.

9. Gomovies

Gomovies also offers a variety of movies and TV shows on its website. The site is easy to navigate and the movies are in high-quality resolutions. Gomovies is an excellent option if you can’t access Einthusan as you can choose movies from different genres. You can also find here TV series that may not be available on other sites.

10. Afdah

Another streaming website you should check out is Afdah. It also has different movies and TV shows that you can directly watch. The website is easy to navigate, so you can find your preferred movie or series right away.

So these are the top 10 alternatives you must check out if you cannot access Einthusan. As you may know, websites need regular maintenance and upgrades. By any chance Einthusan is not working, you can always rely on these sites so you can watch your favorite movie or TV show!