Sites like Putlocker: Top 12 Best Alternatives to Putlocker

An online listing of various streaming sites that host various media files including movies, show, and series, Putlocker originated in UK with its domain name changed many times over the years.

At one point the number of visitors visiting the website was about 800,000 visitors a day later which later increased drastically when it started receiving close to 1.6 million visitors a day, it is one of the most popular The site however, does not host any streaming content itself, but it lists other sites that hosts the content you can stream.

There were a Lot of doubts arising, about the website, mostly related to the copyright and legality issues of the content, which were later cleared.. Putlocker directs the users to third party servers who hold the streaming media, which allows access of the media to the user without them having to download the media on their device, which in itself excludes the site from the very definition of being illegal in most countries.

Top 12 Best Websites like Putlocker

Similar to Putlocker, several other websites are streaming free movies, that you can watch and enjoy. The top 12 websites that are available are:

Sites like Putlocker: Top 12 Best Alternatives to Putlocker

Safe Tools To Use Websites Like Putlocker

While watching movies or Tv series, it is often found that people face problems related to the internet. Damages due to the virus attacks or hackings are very common incidents related to cybercrime. So, different ways have been involved for your convenience so that you can watch movies safely on sites like Putlocker.

How to Watch Movies Online Safely?

1. Using of VPN to hide your identity.

It encrypts all the traffic so that no information on your system is leaked. Swapping of the IP address is important and so the VPN system enables swapping of the IP address and forms a new address altogether for you. This can block anyone who wants to track you online.

astrill is one of the best VPN tool that can provide you the support of the VPN servers. They provide their service to about 115 cities and 64 countries.

To watch safe streamline movies, it is important to get a VPN server thorough these sites like Putlocker.

Simply log in to the popular VPN service provider
• Select the plan
• Register and login
• Complete the payment

The VPN servers are available for Windows, Android, iPhone, Ipad, and Linux applications. One of the best and less expensive ways to protect your server is with private internet access. It will reduce the risks of opening any links and protect you from opening any fatal or suspicious webpage links.

2. Do not download anything that is shown on the screen, as a pop-up. Stay away from the plugins that can ask for your data putting you and your data at risk.

More Security Tools You May Need

Apart from the VPN servers for safely watching online movies, you may also need the following anti-virus and Ad-blockers for uninterrupted watching of full movies. Websites like Putlocker has several times been affected and hampered by different online issues like malware, copyright issues or ads issues. To stop further issues the security tools that can be used are:


Most of us do not like watching ads in the middle of the movies, so for those who do not want to be interrupted by the ads, there are adblockers. This will enable you to watch full movies without any interruptions.

Sites like Putlocker are covered by numbers of ads. most of the users are not happy with the adverts interrupting while watching movies or any television show. Restrict the website from unwanted ads and improve the quality of the movies with the ad-free movies. Stream online movies to watch with filtered ads for the viewers in websites like Putlocker.

Pop-Up Blocker

Pop-ups are another issue in Putlocker Alternatives. Not only on this website, but many other similar websites have pop-ups that make surfing and watching a particular series difficult by causing disturbances.

Pop-ups are an ad company that makes money through the clicks on the website. Pop up blockers can stop the unwanted ads to popup on the website during surfing or watching the web series. The pop-up blocker is security software that can keep your surfing safe and inspire you to watch daily.

Anti-Virus Software

Not only in Putlocker Alternatives but any website you tend to open has the chance of being infected with a virus, malware and other malicious software. So, it is important to add Anti-Virus Software to protect your system from malicious attacks.

Different anti-virus softwares are available that you can install based on the use and type of the requirement your system has. The main job of an anti-virus is to protect your device or system from being damaged including the hardware data. So, it is important to keep your anti-virus software updated for regular checking of the malware and other attacks.

Safe Tools To Use Websites Like Putlocker

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