• Are your kids starting to climb walls?
  • If yes, you might want to enroll them for rock climbing!
  • Rock climbing is an awesome sport that people can practice both indoors and outdoors.
  • It offers excellent benefits, like better flexibility and enhanced strength.
  • And since it’s such a cool activity, it’s also great for your kids!
Rock Climbing with Kids
When Can a Child Start Rock Climbing?
Why Do Kids Like to Climb?

Here are some of them below:

1.Mainly, kids climb because they find it fun. The moment children they are able, they will climb just about anything, like tables, chairs, and even your beds! While it looks pretty scary, we should let them climb. This is to help develop their lower and upper body strength, depth perception, and motor skills.

2.Kids also love to climb because of the challenge. Children at a young age love to explore and if they believe they can do it, they will definitely do it!

3.Kids climb because they develop new perspectives, such as play chase, play options, and make-believe play. They explore new ways for the entertainment and what better way to do that than climbing!

4.Learning is another reason why kids love to climb. Children are designed for continuous learning and climbing can help with that. Through climbing, they learn about health, skills development, and prevention of injury.

Is Rock Climbing Safe for Kids?

Rock climbers are very particular when it comes to safety as it’s the only way for the sport to survive.

Take note that climbing does not involve any contact, unlike martial arts, football, and basketball. So, safety can be guaranteed as long as the climber applies all the safety rules.

Also, all climbing instructors won’t allow children to climb if they don’t know everything about safety. Climbing gyms also have a perfect environment for kids.

They make it less extreme and is equipped with all the necessary precautions. They have thick pads in case of a fall and all of their pieces of equipment are tested regularly to ensure safety.

How Does Climbing Help a Child’s Development?

1.It lets children develop strength in their legs, arms, and core. It also helps with stability, coordination, and balance.

2.Climbing also helps children to think critically. Once they start climbing, they’re going to ask themselves, “What should I do next?” This encourages them to make crucial decisions.

3.It helps kids develop trust, confidence, patience, and increased concentration.

4.Climbing is a fun activity that all the members of the family get to enjoy. It also lets children socialize with other children.

5.Outdoor climbing allows children to interact with the environment more.

6.Rock climbing increases self-esteem. Once children reach the top, you can see clearly in their faces how proud they are.

7.Kids also feel stress and one way to release it is through climbing.

However, remember not to expect too much from your kids. If they are not progressing the way you expected, please be patient with them.

Give them time and your full support.

What Are Included in a Rock Climbing Program for Kids?

Step 1:
For the first step, children are familiarized with sensation. Trainers will let the children climb low vertical walls so they’ll have an idea of what they need to do. The walls are really low so children won’t need harnesses yet.

Step 2:
Once they are familiar with the walls, trainers will introduce the climbing harness to the children. This step includes the importance of harnesses and how to use them. To make it fun for the kids, some trainers let the children swing on the harnesses. Then, they will be trained how to be lowered down using the harness.

Step 3:
For step 3, trainers will explain safety methods, such as how to use their hands and feet properly so they can come down with the harness safely. They will also explain the use of other safety equipment, such as helmets, gloves, ropes, and shoes among others.

Step 4:
Once the children understand the safety guidelines, trainers will teach them the basic techniques of climbing. And after that, they let the children practice!

Is Rock Climbing for Kids Affordable?

For indoor climbing, it’s fine to invest first in high-quality climbing shoes. But for outdoor rock climbing, it’s required that you purchase climbing shoes and a good helmet.

If your kids are interested in rock climbing, check out gyms and compare their prices and of course, reviews of these gyms. There’s no doubt that you’ll find one that won’t hurt your budget!

Good luck!


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